A feast for the taste buds at the Palace of Liver

A feast for the taste buds at the Palace of Liver

(Photo: Today's Zaman)

February 19, 2012, Sunday/ 16:07:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

Aksaray is one of the number-one places to enjoy a kebab or liver. The number of restaurants and eateries offering grilled or fried liver dishes has been on the rise. ciğer Sarayı (Palace of Liver), launched one year ago, is one such place that serves fantastic liver dishes.

Even though it is called a palace, you should not expect a spacious place. It is a small kebab restaurant able to host 150 guests. But their dishes are extremely tasty. The secret is that the lamb liver used in the kitchen is delivered fresh every day. It is not stored in the fridge. Osman Altay, the restaurant owner, is quite particular on this matter. “We always use fresh lamb liver, and not goat or cow liver,” he explains. Altay says they purchase the raw liver from sellers in Balıkesir. They only serve a few dishes: liver and beef shish kebab, as well as chicken and eggplant kebab -- but the taste is incomparable. The dishes are served with a huge variety of appetizers.

First I ordered lentil soup. I enjoyed a fantastic bowl of soup, cooked with butter and beef broth. Soup is free on Fridays at Ciğer Sarayı; you could have a bowl of soup and leave without paying anything. In many restaurants, appetizers and salads are stored in the fridge before they are served, even though their lifetime is 15 minutes at the most. Ciğer Sarayı is extremely careful about this. While your order is being cooked, your salad is freshly prepared. Their ayran is delicious as well.

The taste of the liver here is second-to-none. The most important aspect of its preparation is that it is served before it completely dries out. There are 10 shish kebab sticks in one portion. They are served in groups of five so they stay warm. And of course I would strongly recommend künefe (cheese-filled dessert) made by a master from Hatay. It is extremely delicious. Finally, you should have a cup of menengiç coffee to round out the meal.

The liver, always served juicy, is delicious. The flavor of this fresh lamb liver will be a feast for your taste buds. You should also try their shish kebab. There are 15 employees working at Ciğer Sarayı, so service is fast and hygienic. There is no problem with parking; the restaurant has three valets on duty.

The best part of this restaurant is that it is open 24 hours a day. You can stop by anytime you want. Make sure that you try the künefe and menengiç coffee.

Soup is free on Fridays and each day features a different soup.


Soup: tl 3

Liver kebab: TL 15

Adana-Urfa kebab: TL 12

Chicken wings: TL 10

Chicken shish kebab: TL 12

Rolled kebab: TL 6

Beef shish kebab: TL 15

Eggplant kebab: TL 17

Künefe: TL 6