Unlikely donor for woman in need of kidney

February 15, 2012, Wednesday/ 18:24:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

When 34-year-old Meliha Avcı, who has been receiving dialysis treatment for 12 years, discovered she was urgently in need of a kidney donation, her unlikely savior was Ayşe İmdat, the long-term girlfriend of her husband, Mehmet Avcı.

Meliha Avcı, who has also received blood donations from İmdat, said, “We have shared blood, we have shared my husband and now we are sharing kidneys.”

Mehmet Avcı and his wife have been married and living in Nevşehir for 16 years. Meliha Avcı, who was diagnosed with renal failure four years into the couple's marriage, has been going to the hospital three times a week for four-hour dialysis sessions ever since. Five years ago, when accompanying his wife on a hospital trip, Mehmet Avcı met 34-year-old İmdat and after getting to know her asked her to move into his mother's home. His wife only recently found out the nature of their relationship.

As Meliha Avcı's condition continued to deteriorate, İmdat made the suggestion that she would donate one of her kidneys. It was known that the two women's blood types were the same because İmdat had previously donated blood to Meliha Avcı.

“In all the years that I have suffered from kidney problems I have never said to anyone ‘Would you give me a kidney',” Meliha Avcı told the press on Tuesday. “However Ayşe was insistent that I should take her kidney. Now my life has completely changed. I have Ayşe and my husband to thank for this,” she continued.

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