PKK to carry violence to Europe

January 25, 2012, Wednesday/ 15:41:00

The German Federal Ministry of the Interior has warned that the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which carries out terrorist activities in Turkey, is working to broaden its acts of violence to Europe.

A statement recently issued by the ministry said the PKK is a “destructive element” where the domestic security of Germany is concerned and noted that German security has detected an increase in PKK demonstrations, arson and terrorist attacks in the country. In a notice to the EU, the ministry warned that the PKK aims to broaden its violence from Turkey to Europe.

The German federal ministry's statement noted that the PKK is in a state of “constantly challenging” the German security forces and that it is the duty and responsibility of the state security organization to take the necessary measures against threats posed by the PKK.

“Germany … has implemented broad measures to deter PKK activity in the country,” said the statement.

It also noted that German federal and state administrations have imposed 53 various bans against the PKK since 1993 as part of their fight against the terrorist organization, adding that around 100 senior PKK members have been given long jail sentences since the 1990s.

The statement also noted that investigations have been launched into 3,500 PKK activities since 2004, recalling the fact that the PKK has been banned in Germany since 1993.

The ministry's statement also explained that among the unchanging goals of the organization over the past two decades has been to damage Kurdish-Turkish peace.

“One of the goals of the PKK since the 1990s has been to threaten the peaceful coexistence of hundreds of thousands of Kurds and Turks living here. The PKK is acting with arrogance in claiming that it is the sole representative of all Kurds. However, only a small portion of the 800,000 Kurds living in Europe support the organization. A total of 100,000 people, 13,000 of them being core members, take part in the organization's activities,” read the statement.

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