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Republican contender says Turkey ruled by ‘Islamic terrorists’

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17 January 2012, Tuesday /TODAYSZAMAN.COM
US presidential hopeful Rick Perry said it was time to question whether Turkey should remain a member of NATO and to stop US aid to Ankara, calling Turkish leaders “Islamic terrorists.”

Perry, the governor of Texas, said in a debate with other Republican contenders in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on Monday that Turkey was a US ally in the past, but not any more.

Perry made the remarks when he was asked by moderator of the program whether Turkey should still belong in NATO, given that “the murder rate of women has increased 1,400 percent, press freedom has declined to the level of Russia, Prime Minister of Turkey has embraced Hamas and Turkey threatened military action against both Israel and Cyprus since the Islamist-oriented party took over.”

“Obviously when you have a country that is being ruled by what many would perceive to be Islamic terrorists, when you start seeing that type of activity against their own citizens, then, yes, not only is it time for us to have a conversation about whether or not they belong to be in NATO but it’s time for the United States, when we look at their foreign aid, to go to zero with it,” Perry boldly claimed.

“And you go to zero with foreign aid for all of those countries. It does not make any difference who they are. You go to zero with foreign aid and you have the conversation about do they have America’s best interests in mind. When you have countries that are moving far away from the country that I lived in back in the 1970s as a pilot of the US Air Force, that was our ally, they worked with us. But today, we don’t see that,” Perry said.

Perry also criticized the US foreign policy under President Barack Obama, saying “it makes our allies very nervous and emboldens our enemies.”

“We have to have a president of the US that clearly sends a message, whether it is to Israel our friend, and there should be no space between the US and Israel. Period. We need to send a powerful message to countries like Iran, and Syria and Turkey that the US is serious and we are gonna have to be dealt with,” Perry said.

His campaign team later offered an explanation to the media about Perry’s remarks. Victoria Coates, his foreign policy advisor, said that some view the leaders of Turkey as Islamic terrorists due to their support of Hamas and the flotilla against Israel, according to ABC News.

“The governor was responding to the questioners references to violence against women and to association with Hamas, I think both of which are things that many people do associate as he said with Islamic terrorists,” Coates was quoted as telling reporters by ABC News. “He was referring to those things, and while he would welcome the opportunity to work with Turkey on regional issues like Syria or Iraq, this kind of behavior on the part of that country is disturbing and I think we should concerned about it.”

Asked if the leaders of Turkey have performed any actions which place them in the category of Islamic terrorists, Coates responded: “What he said was that many people associate that kind of behavior with that of Islamic terrorists. I think also their support for the flotilla against Israel this fall. It's deeply concerning, and I think it's something any future American president needs to be aware of."

She was referring to an international flotilla attempting to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza, in breach of an Israeli blockade, in May 2010. Eight Turkish citizens and a Turkish American were killed when Israeli commandos raided one of the ships in the flotilla, pushing Turkish-Israeli ties into a deep crisis.

Coates also said Turkey is an important country as it serves as a “hinge point between East and West,” and is a NATO ally. “It is certainly a topic he would cover in debate prep, particularly in terms of Syria,” Coates said.

yea mark its not surprising his comments actually he gets his money from people who have deep seeded hatred and who also would sell usa for israel note why he brought up the aid flotilla and turkeys criticism of israel its good that he had such low support and made his views known imagine if he had ...
Today American national network news organizations (NBC, ABC, CBS and others) announced that 19,000 woman members of American military every year are raped by their male counterparts. American law is totally incapable of stopping that. There is even a documentary ready to be broadcast soon. Let alon...
mark rivers
He is correct.
zzz wth zaman why comments always gettin cut because of these broken codes, anyway to continue the previous comment Mark, Jack Kalpakian and Kevin i agree with all that you guys said.
Mark, Jack Kalpakian
S.Yilmaz your argument is flawed and just because your a turkish-american it doesn't mean anything obviously your just looking for love from people who are breed to hate your roots nothing more the fact that you repeat the propaganda under the guise of being turkish means nothing there are lots of p...
Any Turks living in the state of Texas ,if you have any honor and drop of Turkish blood you would leave the state as long as this guy is a Governor and yes if Americans are idiot to elect him to white house next day I will move back to Turkey for good....
S.Yilmaz, you say, "...and I agree with Mr. Rick Perry 100% about what he is saying". Do you therefore agree with him that AKP are terrorists and that Turkey should be kicked out of NATO? Do you also agree with him when the puts Turkey on par with Iran and Syria? Of course the AKP looks at world eve...
bored, you are very correct. Depite being an aid to the US' warmongering for over the last half-century, Turkiye is rewarded with this and dedication to built a terrorist state on its border with iraq by the US. Fantastic. Really, this alliance with the US has been beneficial in one direction to ...
citizen, I have always made it clear that I am a US citizen and it should have been obvious from my username. LOL, afghanistan or iran? Do they even have high-speed internet in those countries? Yes, I believe that all men are created equal, therefore evangelical hillbillies or the ultrarich who u...
Mizrahi Eilat, what you mean to say is that israel is the US' slaveowner and by proxy the slaveowner of NATO. Turkiye is not western ally anymore? That's hilarious! And israel is? USS Liberty anyone? A lot of good being israel's bodyguard has done for NATO whose original purpose was to be a saf...
As an American, I sincerely apologize for this jackass. He will not be the Republican Party nominee, but it is a scandal that the Republican Party has sunk so low that Perry and a couple of other know-nothings could be taken seriously as candidates. I will add, as a Jewish supporter of Israel, ...
I am a Turkish-American who was a former Liberal, and now proudly pro-Conservative, and I agree with Mr. Rick Perry 100% about what he is saying. He is so correct about what he said about the AKP, you won't even believe it. Ever since AKP has taken power of Turkey, you have Honor Killings happening ...
Until the Mavi Marmara event, the GOP could be reliably counted on to be absolutely in Turkey's corner, no matter what. The GOP's Foreign Policy establishment has been big on providing a flood of arms for the Turkish military and has been a regular opponent on Armenian and Greek Lobbying (ref. Cond...
Jack Kalpakian
I am a Turkish American living in US for 37 years, I am telling you this much this country entirely runned and controlled by Israel and it Jewish lobby , America is no longer independent state, America is a poor state is been suficated by Jews and they control their media, not one congress member ca...
what's the fuss about? Turks take pride in trying to make their political life seem incomprehensible to outsiders. this is what happens. That a republican contender for president refers to the AKP as Islamic terrorists should be no surprise. In his party anyone who is Muslim is fair game. Even were ...
tehlikeli yabanci
I think this genius deserves to be President of the USA. And I believe that the USA deserves him as its President!
If Mr Perry is elected President Turkey should close Incurlik See how the Americans like that.
Turkey just installed _a NATO missile base_, Iran is at the moment very aggressive towards Turkey because Turkey _opposes Assad's dictatorship_ just like the rest of NATO and Turkey _promotes secular state_ in Arab countries. Turkey has soldiers in NATO forces in Afghanistan. All the commenters here...
@General Sherman, from your postings,"always" thought you live in Afganistan or Iran. Now you are confirming, that you are a US Citizen. Did you take the oath, stating "All men are created equal". Do you believe in that. Yes or no, that's all I'm asking. Thank you.
Gov. Perry is right. He will end up as Gaddafi did.
mizrahi eilat you are wrong israel is not a very close ally of the usa and nato israel controls usa and the usa controls nato, the whole thing is a joke all nations should pull out nato is nothing more then a tool and nato members are all puppets at this stage just look to the new f35's its joint n...
its not only these rebublican candidates (all except ron paul) that are extremists it is the main stream media in the usa which refuses to acknowledge that ron paul even exists because he speaks the truth on issues like israel, war profiteers
[A. Khan] and [marcus] got it right. Most people are missing the significance of the exchange with Perry: it is not what Perry said. Perry has not seen much outside Texas, and he even confuses various US Federal departments, so people dont take what he says very seriously. And calling Turkish leade...
This guy has a real chance at white house. I can say this with confidence because of his face. Look at him carefully and you will all agree there is nothing between his two ears. Does he not look as hollow headed and funny faced as Bush? Actually US presidents are just puppets in the hands of the...
Just Think
He said what the rest of the NATO members are saying behind close doors. I can't understand where the problem is. Beeing allied within the NATO you have chosen a path. Either you are linked to the west or you leave the alliance and follow your own strategy.
@General Sherman: I'm both US and Israeli citizen, so far I have a voting right and Israel might no NATO member but its a very close ally of the US and the NATO alliance. Turkey is not a western ally anymore, its rooted towards the mullahs in tehran and islamabad. Perry speaks the truth, it seems it...
Mizrahi Eilat
GeneralSherman: As I mentioned before you need an immediate medical attention. The longer you leave the worse your paranoy becomes.
Yes... Perry is right. Turkey is horrible. Look how they treat the Kurds. Turkey is a terrorist state.
Reeder, it is a very serious problem that he targets Islam in his campaign. "Criticism of the current rulers of Turkiye" is not seen as very positive PR in the US for a presidential campaign. First lets be very clear that a large fraction of American voters supporter christian terrorist theology t...
The question was a plant. Everyone knows the source where this question came from. Perry's reply was also choreographed. So the best thing is to ignore it for now and pray that Perry becomes the next President of USA.
A. Khan
Rick Perry has no chance of making it
bill, as an American citizen, I have to ask you to stop lying. "Ordinary americans" don't know jack about what happens beyond their high school football team. The few who even take a remote interest in international affairs are the most uninformed group of idiots one can encounter in their lives. ...
Mizahi Eliat, israel has no say what goes on in NATO. Perry is a low-class texan who will never see the inside of the White House. Though that may not sound comforting when you consider another texan idiot the world had to suffer, this is way too much of an idiot to even win the Republican primary,...
daren, first, dear lord, learn some English. Second, current "Tutrkish" government is a millions better to kurds, arman, greeks, than those groups are to minorities. Israel is an apartheid state created by central and eastern europeans created from the robbery of land from the actual genetic desce...
Rick Perry is a butler of the Jewish Rothschilds and the Rockefellers ruling the USA and the world to some extend. Their empire is collapsing in the world day by day and these are futile flutterings. You Jews cant rule us Turks. Our goverment is a democratically elected goverment by Turks and Turkis...
Turkish Foreign Minister replied, "Perry was 2 years old when Turkey entered NATO. The low ranking of Perry in the Republican polls as someone who has little knowledge of Foreign Affairs for a U.S. presidential candidate shows how smart the U.S. voters act"... There is not much to say to this. Am...
Russell Lawrence, I think his advisors were trying to do damage control for his comments. He himself is pandering to general Republican Islamophobia.
As an Americna citizen, let me tell you that this man is a low-class texan who will never see the inside of the White House. Though that may not sound comforting when you consider another texan idiot the world had to suffer, this is way too much of an idiot to even win the Republican primary, let a...
Thank you Governor Rick Perry. When you make such statements you only help the Turkish people to 'wake up'. In the past the US was only happy when Turkey had 'US best interests' at heart. Now that PM Erdogan has 'Turkey's best interest' at heart, he suddenly becomes a terrorist. The Turkish governme...
I say this- He is correct. That is, if you invert reality and suspend facts.
He is right..if
Your terrorist state killed millons of innocent humans in last 10 year directly or indirectly.. World was the blood pool under the your management since 150 years.. Now say intelligent child who was the real terrorist? Your ignorant head lives big chaos..
Turkey should develop closer ties with muslims in balkans and this will benefit muslim peoples and develop closer ties. forget america/israel the yare our enemies and always will be thats why know that muslim people are turkey's best investment so help syria before israel starts digging to cause str...
Perry is an ignorant, racist, a very typical American conservative republican. He is not any better than all the other republicans.
david coors
He is right in that the Government of Turkey does not have "America's best interests in mind". They have Turkey's best interests in mind!
lol - The USA is only accelerating its imminent collapse when ignorant fools like this are presidential hopefuls (or hopefools is more befitting). Where was he educated, Tel Aviv?
Australian Muslim
He is an idiot, his remarks are idiotic, and there is no chance that he will be elected as the Republican candidate. And yet, Turkey should re-think its close association and newly forged friendship with Hamas and other Islamist organizations. Ankara should expect many more doubters if it chooses to...
This man needs to be canned now, what arrogance considering their invasion record of other countries and the fact that they support Israel in its illegal occupation of Palestinian territory. Turkey is to be supported for its continued efforts at democratization and stability.
Well, isn't Turkey ruled by radical islamists? Doesn't Turkey wage a war against its OWN secular generals and reporters?Doesn't Turkey threaten Israel, Greece, Cyprus, France, Syria and even Iraq? From "zero problems" to "only problems" with neighbours.
Omer Israel
The uneducated, ignorant, Islamaphobic, Christian bigot and racist, wannabe Jew, Rick Perry, speaks of something he knows nothing about -- a total idiot -- it's politicians such as this Texan that incessantly embarrass America and her people on a global level. He obviously hasn't a clue as to what k...
And thats what happenes ,when people drink too much cheap Jack Danial whisky... Keep your bebek away from Alkohol...small advice
Uneducated cowboy from a 'cowboy state'! It is normal practice American politicians campaign for votes under pressure by small but powerful Jewish groups. 99.9% OF AMERICA IS NONE JEWISH, BUT JEWISH CIRCLES CONTROL WHAT AMERICANS THINK OR SAY. INSANE BUT TRUE! Rick Perry does not speak on behalf of ...
The problem is not that he targets the Islam or Islamic terrorism in his compaign but the very fact that the criticism of the current rulers of Turkey is seen as a very positive PR in the US for the presidential campaign. We should talk about this, not simply who said what.
Perry's comments reflect the frustration of ordinary American with Turkey's hypocritical behavior. Turkey is sliding backwards under Erdogan. It is no longer seen as a friend or going in the right direction. Flaws and faults in the US don't change that. If muslims cannot agree on what Allah requires...
I agree 100% with him. Turkey should leave the NATO immediately, it has nothing in common among the alliance. I will vote for him if he gets shortlisted for the presidenrtials.
Mizrahi Eilat
What a shame.. Its obvious various lobbyists are against raising profile of Turkey in usa. It will be better if TZ starts publishing more stories about the Turkish contribution to world peace and how people from Turkey contribute to education including in USA. We hope presidential candidates in this...
i agree with Mr Rick Perry. corrent tutrkish government is very very bad to israel,kurds,arman,greeks ....... its time for regime change in turkey.
Stupid statements by Perry, call it 'Texas-logic'= wild and idiot. But statements here as Islam is the solution of world problems doesnt help either; it are these statements which make people very wary!
Don't be alarmed folks, the majority of yanks have no idea of what goes on around the world, and those that do, can easily manipulate the country.
Oh dear, oh dear and thrice oh dear. Fancy having him as Mr. President of US of A lol... Wonder if he knows anything about Turkey or Islam???
USA with massive murder rate and rape rate. USA haven for terrorist who are wanted in venuzuela. USA sponsor of global terrorism. USA who invades most nations. Hmmm have a look at yourself first.
It will be a great idea if the presidental hopeful Rick Perry relied less on his advisors who clearly hold biased views of Turkey and he makes a more positive effort by visiting the country and talking to the people that matter and seeing for himself the overall outstanding advancements made by the...
Russell Lawrence
This guy still have the same mind as those Islamic enemies who attributes Islam with terrorists.Islam is simply the the religion of peace and full submission to the will of Almighty Allah. These comments are not surprise as we know that u have already brainwashed your people and you are the one ...
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