Kaburga taste by Mehmet Usta now in Erenköy

Kaburga taste by Mehmet Usta now in Erenköy

Kaburgacı Mehmet Usta is known as a master of offering unchanging taste and invariable quality for years. (Photo: Today's Zaman)

December 25, 2011, Sunday/ 15:06:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

It is getting colder every day so one needs good food to warm up one's insides.

A master of offering unchanging taste and invariable quality for years, Kaburgacı mehmet usta recently opened up a second branch after the restaurant in Maltepe and back in its original location in Erenköy Sahrayıcedid. Like his old customers, I, too, was pleased at this news. I hope Mehmet Usta will soon open up a branch on the European side of İstanbul as well.

Preparing stuffed ribs is a daunting task. You have to keep the dish in the oven for five to six hours and allow it to rest for another hour. Mehmet Usta skillfully minces the meat and removes the nerves, and then brings a big tray to the table. The young and tender lamb meat, brought from the vicinities of Balıkesir and Diyarbakır, is served with seasoned rice. It may seem like a heavy dish, but the well-cooked meat melts in your mouth, easily swallowed and digested without a problem. Then its journey towards your stomach starts. When you drink a glass of buttermilk made in butter churn rich in foam, you are refreshed.

The new Kaburgacı Mehmet Usta, which became one of the most popular places to stop and eat near the E-5 highway in the Maltepe district, opened in the Erenköy neighborhood two weeks ago and can seat 120. The menu is as delicious as always. I definitely recommend you taste the appetizers: boiled içli köfte (a bulgur wheat shell filled with spiced minced mutton), bostane salad with a sour pomegranate sauce, and of course semolina dessert with ice cream. You can order a fixed menu and taste all of these flavors.

The only alternative for those who don't like stuffed ribs is sac tava (a fried stew). It is prepared the same way it is in Diyarbakır, with warm bread. The meat is cooked well-done, and the sac tava's ingredients create a tasty whole. However, I didn't see Mehmet Usta's güveç (a dish made of meat and vegetables and cooked in a clay pot) at the Erenköy location. He serves this dish on special days at the Maltepe branch, but if he focused more on this delicious taste, I believe he would attract many more customers.

The branches feature different menus, but both offer a satisfying meal. Actually, it is unnecessary to mention the quality of the good foods served here; your stomach will attest to their deliciousness.

Stuffed ribs, sac tava and semolina dessert served with ice cream

Be sure to taste not only the ribs but also Mehmet Usta's sac tava. Their içli köfte is also very good. Semolina with ice cream is really a great taste. On the outside is warm semolina while the inside is filled with cool ice cream. You will enjoy this combination.

I like that this place offers delivery for special meetings and events. Provided that you submit the order a day before, Kaburgacı Mehmet Usta provides delivery of an unlimited number of stuffed ribs to anywhere in İstanbul.

Few in variety and rich in taste

Stuffed Ribs: TL 30

Sac tava: TL 30

Tandır Kebab: TL 25

İçli köfte: TL 2.50

Bostane salad: TL 5

Lentil Soup: TL 5

Buttermilk made in butter churn: TL 3.50

Semolina dessert with ice cream: TL 6

Two branches:

Kaburgacı Mehmet Usta

Şemsettin Günaltay Cad. No: 258/B Sahrayıcedid-Erenköy-İstanbul Phone: 0 (216) 411 05 05

Bağlarbaşı Mahallesi Feyzullah Caddesi No: 125 Yetmişevler Köprüsü Maltepe-İstanbul Phone: 0 (216) 370 46 10