Clocks to move back one hour for winter on Oct. 30

October 05, 2011, Wednesday/ 17:59:00

Turkey will begin winter time by setting clocks back one hour at 4 a.m. on Oct. 30. Turkey switched to summer time on March 28 by setting the clocks forward one hour.

The decision to move the clocks back one hour was taken by the Cabinet in March 2011. Daylight saving time allows people to use less energy by starting the day earlier in the summer, which results in less energy use for heating and lighting. The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources has said that switching to daylight saving time helps Turkey save 600 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity. Meanwhile, the ministry presented its “Clocks Permanently Forward” project to Parliament, suggesting that Turkey should stop implementing daylight saving time. It has yet to receive a response. This project is supported by tradesman and industrial workers in Turkey’s eastern provinces, in particular, who will save more energy. Turkish Airlines (THY) and the Foreign Ministry, however, oppose the project, indicating that it would lead to new problems regarding the process of adjustment with EU countries. Turkey and EU countries switch to daylight saving time on the last Sunday of March and move back on the last Sunday of October.

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