Chechen families blame Kadyrov for killing of three Chechens

September 18, 2011, Sunday/ 17:39:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

The families of three Chechens who were gunned down on Friday in İstanbul have blamed Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov for the killings.

At a press conference held by the head of the Association for Solidarity and Defense of Humanity (İMKANDER) at the Eresin Hotel in İstanbul on Saturday, the families of the victims who were killed in what was the latest in a string of attacks against Chechens in Turkey stated that the Chechen president had launched a massive campaign against Chechen dissidents.

Şehida Musavei, the wife of Berg Khazh Musavei, who was killed on Friday, blamed President Kadyrov for the assassination of her husband and claimed that Russian intelligence was also behind the attack.

Şehida Musavei said Turkish police had searched her house. “The police treat us as if we are criminals. We are in a very difficult situation. We want the [Turkish] government to find the killers,” she said.

Speaking at the conference Murat Özer, the head of İMKANDER, condemned police for failing to find the perpetrators behind attacks on Chechens living in İstanbul over the last three years. According to Özer, if police had successfully solved the murders of other Chechens since 2008, they could have prevented the latest attack. Özer urged the government to prevent further killings and said Turkey must not remain silent toward the assassinations of Chechen people in Turkey by Russia

According to a report presented by Özer at the press conference, 102 Chechen families live in Turkey under harsh conditions in fear of being murdered by Russian secret police or by Kadyrov's men. Some Chechens live in refugee camps, while many of them have been helped by charities and provided with houses. They are not allowed to work in Turkey due to their legal status.

Malika Amriev, the wife of Zavrbek Amriev, who was killed in the attack, said: “Three families stay in the same house. We live in terrible conditions. We don't want to be killed. I have a 6-month-old baby. We came to Turkey for protection, but three people have been shot in broad daylight, and nobody showed any reaction to the attack.”

Families of the victims claimed that Kadyrov had an assassination list in which 500 Chechens who fought against Russia in the second Chechen war, which started in 1999, are named and are being persecuted on the orders of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. The victims of Friday's attack, according to the families, were among the ones on the list.

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