Odatv owner Yalçın gives info on MİT mole Kaşif Kozinoğlu

Odatv owner Yalçın gives info on MİT mole Kaşif Kozinoğlu

Former MİT agent Kaşif Kozinoğlu,seen here getting out of the car, is being accused of leaking sensitive information to Ergenekon.

September 11, 2011, Sunday/ 17:59:00

The indictment into the administrators of the odatv Internet site, accusing of them aiding and abetting Ergenekon -- an organization that allegedly plotted to overthrow the elected government -- includes revelations about former National Intelligence Organization (MİT) agent Kaşif Kozinoğlu, who is currently under arrest for having leaked sensitive information to Ergenekon.

The indictment includes notes from Soner Yalçın, the odatv news site’s owner, where Kozinoğlu is referred to as “the mole.” Yalçın’s notes say that Kaşif had a direct line of communication with then-Chief of General Staff retired Gen. Doğan Güreş. Kozinoğlu is also mentioned in documents seized from Veli Küçük and Şener Eruygur, two retired generals who are currently key suspects in the main Ergenekon trial.

The former MİT member has been charged with acquiring and disseminating confidential documents that include sensitive national security information.

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