2011-12 Sports Toto Super League season starts at last

2011-12 Sports Toto Super League season starts at last

September 09, 2011, Friday/ 12:22:00/ OKAN UDO BASSEY

The 2011-12 Sports Toto Super league season, scheduled to kick off on Aug. 5, was postponed to Sept. 9 due to an ongoing, unprecedented match-fixing scandal, and again brought forward one day due to the Turkish national team's Euro 2012 qualifying commitments.

The ongoing match-fixing scandal will certainly cast a pall over Turkish football this season. ‘Let football talk from now on,' says the ad of Super League broadcaster LİG TV. But that looks more or less like wishful thinking unless the Turkish Football Federation gets its act together and does what it has to do: act without fear or favor

Trabzonspor, last season's runner-up, takes on Manisaspor today while Beşiktaş travels to Eskişehir. Newcomers Samsunspor and Mersin İdmanyurdu are also in action, with Samsun hosting Ankara's Gençlerbirliği (5:30 p.m.) and Mersin entertaining another capital representative, Ankaragücü (7:30 p.m.).

The big problem this season is that the match-rigging scandal has engulfed football like wildfire and until the dark clouds hovering over Turkish football have cleared, there will be little or no enthusiasm for the sport this season.

“Let football talk from now on,” says the ad of Super League broadcaster LİG TV. But that looks more or less like wishful thinking unless the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) gets its act together and does what it has to do: act without fear or favor.

Several teams are allegedly involved in the game manipulation saga, but some are more involved than others. Fenerbahçe, with Chairman Aziz Yıldırım and other top aides at İstanbul's Metris Prison, seems to tower above all the other culprits mentioned in the scandal.

Beşiktaş, with coach Tayfur Havutçu and two other top officials, follows. Then comes Trabzonspor with no team officials or players in jail; however, Chairman Sadri Şener and two of his officials have been referred to the TFF's Professional Football Disciplinary Committee (PFDK) for further investigation.

The adverse effects of the scandal were instrumental in Trabzonspor being eliminated from the qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League. But lucky Trabzonspor was “promoted” to the Champions League proper -- without kicking a ball -- after Turkish champion Fenerbahçe was kicked out of the competition by UEFA for alleged game manipulation and Trabzonspor was called upon to take its place.

The Black Sea Storm, Trabzonspor's nickname, thus will be facing Manisaspor in an upbeat mood this evening. The problem, though, is that too many players have left the Storm and coach Şenol Güneş is trying to put a team together with too many newcomers.

Egemen Korkmaz (Beşiktaş), Ibrahima Yattara (Al Shabab), Selçuk İnan (Galatasaray), Jaja (Al Ahli), Ceyhun Gülselam (Galatasaray), Umut Bulut (Toulouse), Drago Gabriç and Engin Baytar (Galatasaray) are gone with the wind.

With big bucks from UEFA for its promotion to the big-time Champions League, the Storm is pulling no punches in signing new players. Didier Zokora (Sevilla), Sercan Kaya (Bucaspor), Eren Albayrak (Bursaspor), Barış Özbek (Galatasaray), Paulo Henrique (Westerloo), Adrian Mierzejewski (Polonia Warszawa), Aykut Akgün (Karşıyaka), Halil Altıntop (Eintracht Frankfurt), Ondrej Celustka (Slavia Prague), Sefa Akın Başıbüyük (Çorumspor) and Volkan Şen (Bursaspor) are some of the new arrivals at Trabzon. But, unfortunately, there are no big names among this lot.

“Too many cooks spoil the broth,” they say. Therefore making these all these new players perform as a team won't be easy for Trabzonspor coach Güneş.

eagles aiming for maximum points

The Black Eagles, as Beşiktaş is known, also got caught up in the scandal for alleged game manipulation in the Ziraat Turkish Cup it won last season. The Eagles pledged to return the trophy until their name is cleared, but that did not stop their coach and two other officials from being put behind bars.

Portuguese trainer Carlos Augusto Soares da Costa Faria Carvalhal, or simply Carlos Carvalhal, was hired as interim coach until Havutçu is set free. The much-traveled Carvalhal has led the Eagles to the UEFA Europa League proper and so he is currently a happy man.

The Eagles did not sit on the fence in pre-season but also jumped on the transfer bandwagon, acquiring Egemen Korkmaz (Trabzonspor), Mustafa Pektemek (Gençlerbirliği), Burak Kaplan (Bayer Leverkusen), Veli Kavlak (Rapid Wien), Tanju Kayhan (Rapid Wien), Sidnei (Benfica, on loan), Mehmet Akyüz (Tavşanlı Linyitspor), Ersan Gülüm (Adanaspor), Manuel Fernandes (Valencia) and Bebe (Man United, on loan).

The bad news is that Brazil junior international star Bebe, a formidable attacker brought in to boost the Black Eagles' offense, suffered a serious injury while on national duty and will be sidelined for at least six months.

Beşiktaş in the meantime offloaded Erhan Güven (Mersin İdmanyurdu), goalkeeper Hakan Arıkan (Mersin İdmanyurdu,), Bobo (Cruzeiro), Matteo Ferrari, Nihat Kahveci, Mert Nobre (Mersin İdmanyurdu) and Rıdvan Şimşek (Karabükspor, on loan).

The Eagles need to beat Eskişehir to boost their morale ahead of their Europa League match against Israel's Maccabi next Thursday. Beşiktaş is a better team than Eskişehirspor; however, because football is not mathematics, Carvalhal's men cannot afford to count their chickens before they hatch. Kickoff is at 7:30 p.m. and the referee will be Bünyamin Gezer.

The Turkish sports minister on Thursday assured Maccabi Tel Aviv of its safety ahead of next week's match. Suat Kılıç told a televised news conference that the match will be played in the “highest level of [Turkish] hospitality,” next Thursday and Israeli players will [safely] return home. The game comes amid heightened tensions between the two nations over Israel's refusal to apologize for the death of eight Turks and a Turkish-American in a raid on a Gaza-bound aid ship last year.

2011-12 Spor Toto Super League first half fixtures

Week 1 (Sept. 10-12)

  • Antalyaspor-Gaziantepspor
  • Ankaragücü-Mersin İdmanyurdu
  • Eskişehirspor-Beşiktaş
  • Bursaspor-Kayserispor
  • Kardemir Karabükspor-Sivasspor
  • Samsunspor-Gençlerbirliği
  • İstanbul BşB-Galatasaray
  • Manisaspor-Trabzonspor
  • Fenerbahçe-Orduspor

Week 2 (Sept. 18)

  • Mersin İdmanyurdu-Bursaspor
  • Trabzonspor-İstanbul BşB
  • Galatasaray-Samsunspor
  • Gençlerbirliği-Kardemir Karabükspor
  • Beşiktaş-Ankaragücü
  • Kayserispor- Antalyaspor
  • Gaziantepspor-Fenerbahçe
  • Sivasspor-Eskişehirspor
  • Orduspor-Manisaspor

Week 3 (Sept. 21)

  • Fenerbahçe-Manisaspor
  • Bursaspor-Beşiktaş
  • Kardemir Karabükspor-Galatasaray
  • Antalyaspor-Mersin İdmanyurdu
  • Ankaragücü-Sivasspor
  • Eskişehirspor-Gençlerbirliği
  • İstanbul BşB-Orduspor
  • Gaziantepspor-Kayserispor
  • Samsunspor-Trabzonspor

Week 4 (Sept. 25)

  • Gençlerbirliği-Ankaragücü
  • Beşiktaş- Antalyaspor
  • Manisaspor-İstanbul BşB
  • Galatasaray-Eskişehirspor
  • Sivasspor-Bursaspor
  • Mersin İdmanyurdu-Gaziantepspor
  • Kayserispor-Fenerbahçe
  • Trabzonspor-Karabükspor
  • Orduspor-Samsunspor

Week 5 (Oct. 2)

  • Antalyaspor-Sivasspor
  • Kayserispor-Mersin İdmanyurdu
  • Gaziantepspor-Beşiktaş
  • Fenerbahçe-İstanbul BşB
  • Bursaspor-Gençlerbirliği
  • Ankaragücü-Galatasaray
  • Eskişehirspor-Trabzonspor
  • Kardemir Karabükspor-Orduspor
  • Samsunspor-Manisaspor

Week 6 (Oct. 16)

  • Beşiktaş-Kayserispor
  • Mersin İdmanyurdu-Fenerbahçe
  • Orduspor-Eskişehirspor
  • Galatasaray-Bursaspor
  • Gençlerbirliği- Antalyaspor
  • Sivasspor-Gaziantepspor
  • İstanbul BşB-Samsunspor
  • Manisaspor- Karabükspor
  • Trabzonspor-Ankaragücü

Week 7 (Oct. 23)

  • Antalyaspor-Galatasaray
  • Eskişehirspor-Manisaspor
  • Mersin İdmanyurdu-Beşiktaş
  • Bursaspor-Trabzonspor
  • Ankaragücü-Orduspor
  • Kardemir Karabükspor-İstanbul BşB
  • Kayserispor-Sivasspor
  • Gaziantepspor-Gençlerbirliği
  • Fenerbahçe-Samsunspor

Week 8 (Oct. 26)

  • Orduspor-Bursaspor
  • Gençlerbirliği-Kayserispor
  • Manisaspor-Ankaragücü
  • Galatasaray-Gaziantepspor
  • Sivasspor-Mersin İdmanyurdu
  • Beşiktaş-Fenerbahçe
  • Samsunspor-Karabükspor
  • İstanbul BşB-Eskişehirspor
  • Trabzonspor-Antalyaspor

Week 9 (Oct. 30)

  • Ankaragücü-İstanbul BşB
  • Beşiktaş-Sivasspor
  • Gaziantepspor-Trabzonspor
  • Antalyaspor-Orduspor
  • Bursaspor-Manisaspor
  • Eskişehirspor-Samsunspor
  • Mersin İdmanyurdu-Gençlerbirliği
  • Kayserispor-Galatasaray
  • Fenerbahçe-Kardemir Karabükspor

Week 10 (Nov. 6)

  • İstanbul BşB-Bursaspor
  • Trabzonspor-Kayserispor
  • Orduspor-Gaziantepspor
  • Galatasaray-Mersin İdmanyurdu
  • Gençlerbirliği-Beşiktaş
  • Sivasspor-Fenerbahçe
  • Karabükspor-Eskişehirspor
  • Samsunspor-Ankaragücü
  • Manisaspor- Antalyaspor

Week 11 (Nov. 20)

  • Beşiktaş-Galatasaray
  • Mersin İdmanyurdu-Trabzonspor
  • Fenerbahçe-Eskişehirspor
  • Antalyaspor-İstanbul BşB
  • Bursaspor-Samsunspor
  • Ankaragücü-Kardemir Karabükspor
  • Sivasspor-Gençlerbirliği
  • Kayserispor-Orduspor
  • Gaziantepspor-Manisaspor

Week 12 (Nov. 23)

  • Karabükspor-Bursaspor
  • İstanbul BşB-Gaziantepspor
  • Trabzonspor-Beşiktaş
  • Orduspor-Mersin İdmanyurdu
  • Galatasaray-Sivasspor
  • Gençlerbirliği-Fenerbahçe
  • Eskişehirspor-Ankaragücü
  • Samsunspor- Antalyaspor
  • Manisaspor-Kayserispor

Week 13 (Nov. 27)

  • Antalyaspor-Kardemir Karabükspor
  • Mersin İdmanyurdu-Manisaspor
  • Kayserispor-İstanbul BşB
  • Bursaspor-Eskişehirspor
  • Gençlerbirliği-Galatasaray
  • Sivasspor-Trabzonspor
  • Beşiktaş-Orduspor
  • Gaziantepspor-Samsunspor
  • Fenerbahçe-Ankaragücü

Week 14 (Dec. 4)

  • Ankaragücü-Bursaspor
  • Eskişehirspor- Antalyaspor
  • Trabzonspor-Gençlerbirliği
  • Orduspor-Sivasspor
  • Galatasaray-Fenerbahçe
  • Karabükspor-Gaziantepspor
  • Samsunspor-Kayserispor
  • İstanbul BşB-Mersin İdmanyurdu
  • Manisaspor-Beşiktaş

Week 15 (Dec. 7)

  • Antalyaspor-Ankaragücü
  • Sivasspor-Manisaspor
  • Kayserispor-Karabükspor
  • Bursaspor-Fenerbahçe
  • Gençlerbirliği-Orduspor
  • Beşiktaş-İstanbul BşB
  • Mersin İdmanyurdu-Samsunspor
  • Gaziantepspor-Eskişehirspor
  • Trabzonspor-Galatasaray

Week 16 (Dec. 11)

  • Eskişehirspor-Kayserispor
  • İstanbul BşB-Sivasspor
  • Fenerbahçe-Trabzonspor
  • Orduspor-Galatasaray
  • Bursaspor- Antalyaspor
  • Ankaragücü-Gaziantepspor
  • Karabükspor-Mersin İdmanyurdu
  • Samsunspor-Beşiktaş
  • Manisaspor-Gençlerbirliği

Week 17 (Dec. 18)

  • Antalyaspor-Fenerbahçe
  • Beşiktaş-Kardemir Karabükspor
  • Gaziantepspor-Bursaspor
  • Galatasaray-Manisaspor
  • Gençlerbirliği-İstanbul BşB
  • Sivasspor-Samsunspor
  • Mersin İdmanyurdu-Eskişehirspor
  • Kayserispor-Ankaragücü
  • Trabzonspor-Orduspor

Transfer list of Super League teams at a glance


Arrivals: Serdar Kulbilge (Gençlerbirliği), Bekir Sevgi (Bugsaş), Tonia Tisdell (Mersin İdman Yurdu).

Departures: Michael Wladyslaw Klukowski (Manisaspor), Hürriyet Güçer (Gaziantepspor), Muhammed Türkmen (Karşıyaka), Serdar Özkan, Micheal Zewlakow (Legia Warszawa), Adem Koçak (Bursaspor).


Arrivals: Veselin Minev (Levski Sofia), Ali Tandoğan, (Bursaspor), Doğa Kaya (Eskişehirspor), Musa Aydın, (Bucaspor), Mehmet Eren (Kayserispor).

Departures: Fahri Akyol (Bucaspor), Fatih Arat (Bugsaşspor), Veysel Cihan, İlkem Özkaynak, Serge Djehoua, Tuna Üzümcü (Adanaspor), Volkan Altın (Orduspor).


Arrivals: Egemen Korkmaz (Trabzonspor), Mustafa Pektemek (Gençlerbirliği), Burak Kaplan (Bayer Leverkusen), Veli Kavlak (Rapid Wien), Tanju Kayhan (Rapid Wien), Sidnei (Benfica, on loan), Mehmet Akyüz (Tavşanlı Linyitspor), Ersan Gülüm (Adanaspor), Manuel Fernandes (Valencia), Bebe (Man United, on loan).

Departures: Erhan Güven (Mersin İdmanyurdu), goalkeeper Hakan Arıkan (Mersin İdmanyurdu,), Bobo (Cruzeiro), Matteo Ferrari, Nihat Kahveci, Mert Nobre (Mersin İdmanyurdu), Rıdvan Şimşek (Karabükspor, on loan).


Arrivals: Stanislav Sestak (Ankaragücü), Michael Chretien (Nancy), Prince Tagoe (Hoffenheim), Cemal Kaldırım (SG Bad Breisig), Bedrican Özdoğan (Adıyamanspor), Scott Carson (W.Bromwich), N’Diaye (Nancy), Tunay Acar (SV Darmstadt 98), Barış Örücü (MSW Duisburg), Deniz Arslan (Ajax), İbrahim Kaş (Getafe), Teteh Bangura (AIK Stockholm), Adem Koçak (Ankaragücü), Musa Çağıran (Galatasaray).

Departures: Cemal Kaldırım (Adanaspor on loan), Kenny Miller (Cardiff City), Yenal Tuncer (Samsunspor), Mustafa Keçeli (Mersin İdman Yurdu), Dimitar Ivankov (Anorthosis Famagusta), Ivan Ergiç, Ali Tandoğan (Antalyaspor), Hüseyin Çimşir, Eren Albayrak (Trabzonspor), Bekir Ozan Has (Gaziantepspor), İbrahim Kaş (Mersin İdman Yurdu), Volkan Şen (Trabzonspor), Sercan Yıldırım (Galatasaray).


Arrivals:Abdülaziz Solmaz (Samsunspor), Deniz Vural (E. Frankfurt II), Mehmet Boztepe (Borussia Dortmund II), Tarık Çamdal (1860 Munich), Abdülkadir Kayalı (Fenerbahçe), Diomansy Kamara (Fulham), Mehmet

Yıldız (Sivasspor), Serdar Dursun (Hannover 96), Dede (Borussia Dortmund).

Departures: Doğa Kaya (Antalyaspor), Sezer Öztürk (Fenerbahçe), Atilla Koca (Sivasspor).


Arrivals: Henri Bienvenu (Young Boys), Joseph Yobo (Everton), Emmanuel Emenike (Karabükspor), Reto Ziegler (Sampdoria), Orhan Şam (Gençlerbirliği), Serdar Kesimal (Kayserispor), Sezer Öztürk (Eskişehirspor), Emre Özkaya (Nazilli Belediyespor)

Departures: Ertuğrul Taşkıran (Samsunspor), Okan Alkan (Kayserispor), İlhan Eker (Kayserispor), Gökhan Ünal (Kayserispor), Abdülkadir Kayalı (Eskişehirspor), Volkan Babacan (Manisaspor on loan), Emmanuel Emenike (Spartak Moscow), Diego Lugano (Paris Saint Germain), Daniel Güiza (Getafe), Andre Santos (Arsenal), Mamadou Niang (Al Sadd).


Arrivals: Fatih Terim(coach), Johan Elmander (Bolton), Selçuk İnan (Trabzonspor), Ceyhun Gülselam (Trabzonspor), Tomas Ujfalusi (Atletico Madrid), Felipe Melo (Juventus, on loan), goalkeeper Fernando Muslera

(Lazio), Emmanuel Eboue (Arsenal), Okan Derici (E. Frankfurt), Engin Baytar (Trabzonspor).

Departures: Goalkeeper Robinson Zapata (Deportivo Pereira), Lucas Neill (Al Jazeera), Harry Kewell (Melbourne Victory), Barış Özbek (Trabzonspor), Emiliano Insua (Liverpool), Cem Sultan (Kayserispor), Lorik Cana (Lazio), Emmanuel Culio (Orduspor, on loan), Arda Turan (Atletico Madrid), Mehmet Batdal (Karabükspor, on loan), Bogdan Stancu (Orduspor, on loan), Juan Pablo Pino (Nassr Saudi FC, on loan), Musa Çağıran (Bursaspor).


Arrivals: Yasin Pehlivan (Rapid Wien), Taşkın Çalış (B. Moenchengladbach), Hürriyet Güçer (Ankaragücü), Bekir Ozan (Bursaspor), Arafat Djako (Anzhi), Gilles Binya (Neuchâtel Xamax)

Departures: Cristian Zurita (Mersin İdmanyurdu), Jorginho, Beto, Souza, Gökhan Öztürk (Çaykur Rizespor), İbrahim Ferdi Coşkun (Mersin İdman Yurdu), Yalçın Ayhan (Orduspor).


Arrivals: Fuat Çapa (coach), Mehmet Sedef (Konyaspor), Cafercan Aksu (Konyaspor), Sakıp Aytaç (Dardanelspor), Özgür İleri (Dardanelspor), Ferhat Kaplan (Dardanelspor), Herve Tum (İstanbul B.B.), Gökhan Tokgöz (Konyaspor).

Departures: Mustafa Pektemek (Beşiktaş), Orhan Şam (Fenerbahçe), Efe Halil Özarslan (Bucaspor), Aykut Çeviker (Bucaspor), Alparslan Erdem (Bucaspor), Serdar Kulbilge (Ankaragücü), Murat Kalkan (Ordupor), Ali Akburç (Balıkesirspor), Cafercan Aksu (Boluspor), Mahmut Boz (Sivasspor).

İstanbul BŞB

Arrivals: Kamil Zayatte (Konyaspor), Doka Madureira (Litex), Taner Yalçın (Cologne), Pierre Webo (Mallorca), Eren Aydın (Manisaspor), Ömercan Sokullu (Pendikspor) Edin Visca (Zeljeznicar).

Departures: Herve Tum (Gençlerbirliği), Ergun Berisha, Taner Gülleri, İbrahim Akın, İskender Alın.


Arrivals: Sinan Kaloğlu (Vitesse), Volkan Dikmen (Hertha Berlin), Orkun Uşak (Konyaspor), Ahmet Cebe (Denizlispor), Erdem Özgenç (Boluspor), Erkan Taşkıran (Bucaspor), Danilo Nikoliç (OFK Belgrad), Bilal Kısa (Karşıyaka), Güven Güner (İnegölspor), Luton Shelton (Valerenga), Hamza Çakır (Kayserispor), Rıdvan Şimşek (Beşiktaş, on loan), Mehmet Batdal (Galatasaray, on loan).

Departures: Emmanuel Emenike (Fenerbahçe), Yasin Avcı, Bülent Bal (Göztepe), Bülent Ataman, Ferdi Elmas (Karşıyaka), Kerim Zengin (Sivasspor), Engin Aktürk (Çaykur Rizespor), Aydın Karabulut (Göztepe), Hakan Özmert (Orduspor).


Arrivals: Nicolas Navarro (Argentinos Jr.), İlhan Eker (Fenerbahçe), Engin Bekdemir (Porto), Gökhan Ünal (Fenerbahçe), Cem Sultan (Galatasaray), Sefa Yılmaz (Duisburg), Zurab Khizanishvili (Reading), Ömer Alp Kulga (Maastricht), Okay Yokuşlu (Altay), Nadir Çiftçi (Portsmouth).

Departures: Goalkeeper Souleymanou, Önder Turacı, Ali Bilgin, Mehmet Eren (Antalyaspor), Serdar Kesimal (Fenerbahçe), Andre Moritz (Mersin İdman Yurdu), Önder Turacı (Mersin İdman Yurdu), Selim Teber (Samsunspor), Armağan Kuş (Samsunspor), Hamza Çakır (Karabükspor)


Arrivals: Kemal Özdeş (coach) Michael Wladyslaw Klukowski (Ankaragücü), Jerry Akaminko (Orduspor), goalkeeper Volkan Babacan (Fenerbahçe, on loan), Oğulcan Engin (Kasımpaşa).

Departures: Hikmet Karaman (coach), Şener Aşkaroğlu (Tavşanlı Linyitspor), Eren Aydın (İstanbul BŞB), Oumar Kalabane (Saint Etienne), Bulut Basmaz (Bucaspor).

Mersin İdmanyurdu

Arrivals: Mustafa Keçeli (Bursaspor), Yannick Kamanan (Sivasspor), Erhan Güven (Beşiktaş) Cristian Zurita (Gaziantepspor), Hakan Arıkan (Beşiktaş), Wissem Ben Yahia (Club Africain Tunis), İbrahim Sehic (Zeljeznicar), Andre Moritz (Kayserispor), Mert Nobre (Beşiktaş), Önder Turacı (Kayserispor), İbrahim Ferdi Coşkun (Gaziantepspor), İbrahim Kaş (Bursaspor).

Departures: Kerem İnan, Eser Altın, Veysel Kılıç (Güngören Belediyespor), Ernani Pereira, Fatih Egedik, Hüseyin Yoğurtçu (Adanaspor), Erdal Güneş, Burak Karaduman, Şehmuz Özer (Akhisar Belediyespor), Faruk Bayar, Eren Şen, Tuna Kaya (Güngören Belediyespor), Kıvanç Dağ (Bucaspor), Adem Büyük (Manisaspor), Tonia Tisdell (Ankaragücü), Önder Turacı (Bursaspor.


Arrivals: Saso Fornenzzi (FC Wiener), Youla (Denizlispor), Miguel Garcia (Braga), Sergio Zijler (Rijeka), Daniel Georgiev (Cherno More), Volkan Altın (Antalyaspor), Sinan Osmanoğlu (Galatasaray A2), Jean Jacques Gosso (Monaco), Emmanuel Banahene Osei (Berekum Chelsea), Wilfried Dalmat (Club Brugge), Onur Tuncer (Bucaspor) Yalçın Ayhan (Gaziantepspor), Hakan Özmert (Karabükspor), Tobias Nickenig (Osnabrück), Abdurrahman Dereli (Sivasspor), Sedat Bayrak (Sivasspor), Murat Kalkan (Gençlerbilriği), Emmanuel Culio (Galatasaray, on loan), Bogdan Stancu (Galatasaray, on loan), Suleymanou Youla (Denizlispor).

Departures: Jerry Akaminko (Manisaspor), Abdullah Çetin, Ahmet Kuru, Mehmet Ayaz (Kartalspor), Bilal Türkgüler, Muarrem, Kostovski, Ahmet Güven, Emrullah Kokoç, Jovan Kostovski, Volkan Altın, Sinan Osmanoğlu, Suleymanou Youla, Daniel Georgiev


Arrivals: Vladimir Petkovic (coach, Young Boys), Burak Çalık (Altay), Pal Lazar (Videoton), Selim Teber (Kayserispor), Armağan Kuş (Kaysersipor), Serdar Gürler (Sochaux), Andre Luiz Bahia (Feyenoord), Hakan Arslan (Güngören Belediyespor), Valdomiro Duarte de Macedo (Vitoria Setubal), Ekigho Ehiosun (Warri Wolves F.C.), Atilla Özmen (Bucaspor), Alvaro Jose Dominguez Cabezas (Sion).

Departures: Hüseyin Kalpar (coach Çaykur Rizespor), Abdülaziz Solmaz (Eskişehirspor), Akeem Oriyomi Agbetu (Karşıyaka), Oğuz Üstünel, Can Özgür, Alparslan Kartal, Serkan Boydak, Emrullah Şalk, Musa Büyük, Mustafa Gürel (Kartalspor).


Arrivals – Jacques Faty (Sochaux), Nihat Şahin (Ofspor), Milan Borjan (Red Belgrad), Kıvanç Karakaş (Karşıyaka), Burçağ Başel (Anadolu Üsküdar 1908 Spor), Caner Hüseyin Bağ (Anadolu Üsküdar 1908 Spor), Murat Akça (Adana Demirspor), Atilla Yıldırım (FC Utrecht), Kerim Zengin (Karabükspor), Milan Cerny (SK Slavia Prague), Atilla Koca (Eskişehirspor), Mahmut Boz (Gençlerbirliği).

Departures: Yannick Kamanan (Mersin İdmanyurdu), Lubos Kamenar, Mehmet Yıldız (Eskişehirspor), Korcan Çelikay, Sedat Bayrak (Orduspor), Abdurrahman Dereli (Orduspor).


Arrivals: Didier Zokora (Sevilla), Sercan Kaya (Bucaspor), Eren Albayrak (Bursaspor), Sercan Kaya (Bucaspor), Barış Özbek (Galatasaray), Paulo Henrique (Westerloo), Adrian Mierzejewski (Polonia Warszawa), Aykut Akgün (Karşıyaka), Halil Altıntop (Eintracht Frankfurt), Ondrej Celustka (Slavia Prague), Sefa Akın Başıbüyük (Çorumspor), Volkan Şen (Bursaspor).

Departures: Egemen Korkmaz(Beşiktaş), Yattara (Al Shabab), Selçuk İnan (Galatasaray), Jaja (Al Ahli), Ceyhun Gülselam (Galatasaray), Umut Bulut (Toulouse), Drago Gabric, Engin Baytar (Galatasaray).


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