Turkish opposition in Syria: We are not here to decry Syrian regime

September 05, 2011, Monday/ 22:48:00/ TODAYSZAMAN.COM

Deputy Chairman Faruk Loğoğlu, who is heading a committee of deputies from the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP), has said the opposition is not in Syria to decry the Syrian regime but to investigate matters more carefully.

Stressing the brotherhood between Turkey and Syria, Loğoğlu said they have traveled to several regions in Syria accompanied by local administrators and officials and that they will present their findings in a report to CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu. Loğoğlu also noted that the committee met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Parliament Speaker Mahmoud al-Abrash in Damascus.

Before going to the Mediterranean city of Latakia, five CHP deputies visited the Yayladağı district of the southern province of Hatay in Turkey along the Syrian border on Sunday to meet with Syrian refugees who had fled the violence in their country. Hatay Deputy Governor Akgün Corav and Yayladağı District Governor Tolga Polat briefed the investigative team on the situation in the refugee camp.

Loğoğlu then told reporters at the camp that they went to Yayladağı to help them prepare for their visit to Syria. “We want to witness events in Syria on the ground,” he said.

In Damascus, Abrash and Loğoğlu reviewed current events in Syria, foreign interference, incitement campaigns to undermine Syria's role and destabilize its security, Syria's state-run Sana news agency, which often distorts facts related to incidents in the country, reported on Monday. According to Sana, Abrash stressed that the reform process will continue in order to build a strong Syria, adding that the awareness of the Syrian people will foil all attempts to weaken national unity.

Loğoğlu also said the CHP considers Syria's stability and security to be important to Turkey and that Syria's freedom, independence, sovereignty and unity are essential to the CHP's principles. The CHP's deputy chairman reportedly stressed the CHP's rejection of any interference in Syria's internal affairs, adding that Syrians are able to solve this problem.

The report also said Loğoğlu visited Homs and Hama and was briefed by local officials. Loğoğlu reportedly stressed his support for Syria and the steps taken by the Syrian leadership, Sana alleged.

Homs governor, the report says, pointed to the relationship between Syria and Turkey, adding that the foreign conspiracy has transformed the situation in Syria from one of legitimate grievances to acts of violence and sabotage.

Loğoğlu told reporters in Hama that the delegation noticed the security the city and its suburbs enjoy and inspected the casualties caused by what Sana said were “saboteurs.” “He added that the delegation will deliver a message to the Turkish people showing that Syria can solve its problems without any foreign intervention,” the report claimed.

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