Another two women killed by their husbands over the weekend

July 24, 2011, Sunday/ 17:39:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

Two more women were murdered by their husband this weekend, adding to the alarming headcount of women killed in cases of domestic abuse. Despite the drafting of new legislation, efforts of women’s rights organizations and the dedication of leaders to the cause, violence against women continues to persist in Turkey.

A man allegedly shot and killed his wife and father-in-law in Konya on Saturday night when she refused to accept his second wife. Polygamy is illegal in Turkey, but the practice still does occur in some regional areas.

When Ramazan K. brought home a second wife, his first wife, Dilek K., objected and they argued. Upset, Dilek K. left and went to the home of her father, Muzaffer Karataş. Ramazan K. later met with his wife briefly at her father’s home but failed to convince her to return home. Outraged that his first wife refused to return with him, he shot at them through an open kitchen window, hitting and killing both Dilek K. and her father. Ramazan K. fled the scene but was later detained in the town of Altınekin.

In another instance of domestic violence, a man shot and killed his wife in front of their two children and then committed suicide in Ankara early Sunday morning.

Salih Ekinci and his wife, Naile Ekinci, were in the process of obtaining a divorce and had been separated for quite some time. Early on Sunday Salih Ekinci went to his wife’s home where she lived with their two children. When she refused to open the door, he entered through the balcony. While arguing, Salih Ekinci shot and killed his wife in front of their children. He then went out onto the balcony and shot himself.

In an effort to combat the increasing number of cases of domestic abuse across Turkey, there is a draft law being proposed to protect women and family members from violence.

Newly appointed Minister of Family and Social Policy Fatma Şahin has sent the proposed draft to 83 NGOs, universities, international organizations and trade unions for their feedback and support.

Şahin will next introduce to Parliament amendments to Law No. 4320 on the Protection of Family “Draft Law to Protect Women and Family Members from Violence,” where it is expected to be well-received. The draft law lists protective measures under Article 5, including one where an individual is protected “under physical protection,” but does not specify which protective measures should apply to what situations. Activists say that this new law could save dozens of lives of women like those of Dilek K. and Naile Ekinci.

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