Turkey decides on domestic production of tablet PCs

Turkey decides on domestic production of tablet PCs

Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan holds a tablet PC at one of his election campaign meetings.

July 13, 2011, Wednesday/ 17:15:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

Turkey will seek domestic production of tablet pcs to distribute to 15 million students, Industry and technology Minister Nihat Ergün has said.

According to a story in the Bugün daily on Wednesday, the government prefers domestically produced tablet PCs that will be distributed free to 15 million students in Turkey. “In order to support the domestic industry, we have expanded the scope of public tenders. From now on the state will pay more attention to buying domestic products, and in line with this, the education Ministry will be a driving force behind the development of tablet PCs in Turkey,” Ergün said.

“The state aims to buy 15 million units of domestically produced tablet PCs in four years’ time, which means $7.5 billion will stay in our country. We will provide the necessary incentives for the production of these tablet PCs here in Turkey.”

The recently formed Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government has plans to make revolutionary changes in Turkish education by adopting the project called Movement to Increase Opportunities and Technology (FATİH). The project seeks to increase standards and quality in education by using advanced technologies such as electronic boards, projectors and a gradual transition to e-textbooks in classes.

On top of this, teachers will be able to instantly access any document around the world they need for a class, projecting it on a smart interactive board. The distribution of 15 million tablet PCs to students is also included in the FATİH project.

Ergün stated that there will be no distinction between a foreign producer and a domestic one. “The basic idea is to support domestic production and employment and contribute to the national economy,” the minister said. He added that there are at least eight companies in Turkey that have the required infrastructure and technology to produce these computers.

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