FIFA chief Blatter calls for life bans for match-fixers

July 11, 2011, Monday/ 17:11:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN WITH AP

In a reference to recent match-fixing scandals that have appeared in many countries, including Turkey, FIFA President Sepp Blatter on Sunday called for a life ban for any player, coach or referee implicated in match-fixing or irregular betting.

“We cannot intervene at the first stage; we must let the jurisdictional organization of the different states [take action], and when these people are condemned and found guilty, then we will suspend them for life. … Then they will never come back to football –- being officials or being players, they will be banned for life,” Blatter was quoted as saying by BBC. Turkey is one of the countries that are investigating match-fixing allegations. A major investigation last week resulted in the arrest of 25 people, including soccer players and top administrators of soccer clubs. Fenerbahçe and its chairman, Aziz Yıldırım, are at the center of the probe. A prosecutor on Friday requested Yıldırım’s arrest.

Lie detectors to stop S. Korea football fixing

South Korean football authorities say they will use lie detectors to root out match-fixing schemes.

The K-League said Monday polygraph testing will help prevent more match-fixing scandals from erupting and better investigate those implicated in future scandals.

The K-League said it will also double the minimum yearly wage for league players to $22,670 to lessen the temptation to take bribes to fix games. South Korean prosecutors have indicted about 70 footballers, gambling brokers and others for alleged involvement in the scandal.

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