Woman jumps out window to escape husband’s torture

Woman jumps out window to escape husband’s torture

Nurgül Ö. (35)

June 22, 2011, Wednesday/ 15:58:00/ TODAYSZAMAN.COM

A woman in the western province of Balıkesir, who was subjected to continuous and severe torture by her husband and was not allowed to leave their home, jumped out a window to escape further torture at the hands of her husband.

Nurgül Ö. (35) told police that she has been married to Selami Ö. for 10 years and that she had left the house before due to the violence her husband subjected her to, but had to return home following her husband's threats that he would kill their three children.

“After I returned home, he told me that he had a big surprise for me and sent the children to their uncle. [Later] when I came home he had a big plastic pipe in his hand. He told me that he bought a meat-mincing machine and that we would sell minced meat. He locked all the doors. He took me to a room and he beat me. He took a [pair of] scissors, a knife, the plastic pipe and pliers. He began hitting my body with the pipe. He began pinching my arms, legs and hands with the pliers. He told me that he would mince me in the meat-mincing machine. He said he will beat me continuously. He said he will, in the end, kill me, cut out all of my organs and put them in the machine,” the woman said as she explained her ordeal to police.

Nürgül Ö. also said her husband then locked her in the bathroom for two days and tortured her. “He gave me medication to make me sleep and not to shout. He raped me several times. One day he was having shower in the bathroom and I was also there, as he wanted to keep an eye on me. I jumped out the window while his face was soapy. I went to police and they hospitalized me,” she said.

The woman has being receiving medical attention for four days while police, who were searching for her husband, found him on Wednesday in the Akçay district of Balıkesir. He was brought to Balıkesir for interrogation and is expected to held under arrest pending further investigation, Balıkesir Police Chief Ömer Aydın said.

Woman killed by abusive husband in Bartın

In a separate case, a woman in Bartın who was under the protection of the Public Prosecutor's Office was shot dead on Wednesday by her abusive husband.

After suffering from domestic violence at the hands of her husband, Hasan M., 53, Rengiye M., 42, fled from her home in Zonguldak with their two children and went to her father's house in the Serdar Village of Bartın Province.

In Bartın, Rengiye filed a petition for divorce and was taken into protection by the Public Prosecution Office. Gendarme officers paid regular visits to Rengiye's house to see if she was fine.

The two children called their father, saying that they wanted to show him and other relatives in Zonguldak their school report cards. On Wednesday, Hasan went to his wife's house, took their children into his automobile and called out to his wife from the car's window to say something. When Hasan heard a negative reply from his wife, he got out of the car and shot her dead.

Rengiye's body was taken to the Bartın State Hospital morgue. Hasan M. remains at large and police are continuing to investigate.

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