Turkish couples who marry for love have higher divorce rates

February 28, 2011, Monday/ 17:27:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

Couples who married for love are more likely to seek a divorce than couples whose marriage was arranged, a new survey by the Family and Social Research Directorate has shown.

According to the study, conducted among 1,200 divorced individuals in 12 cities, 32.8 percent had married based on mutual love and commitment. The percentage of those who got divorced after being in an arranged marriage was 20.5 percent.  The study also found that 10 percent of all the divorced couples felt the differences between the two spouses started manifesting on the first day of marriage. Twenty-five percent of the divorced couples gave up in the first year of their marriage, while the marriages of 36 percent did not even last five years.

According to the survey, 90 percent of the divorcees were legally separated citing “irreconcilable differences.” 36 percent of the divorced couples stayed married for two to five years.

There were divorcees in the families of 36.4 percent of the female participants of the study, while that figure was 25.8 percent for male respondents.

A total of 36.7 percent said they had gone through a process of courtship before their marriage, while 20.5 percent had been united as the result of an arranged marriage. The survey also had striking findings regarding domestic violence. One out of three female divorcees surveyed said they had been subjected to domestic violence during their marriage. A majority of the female divorcees also accused their exes of being “irresponsible” and likely to pick a fight over the way their spouse dresses or wears makeup. The majority of the male respondents complained that their spouse was “too much into” their own family. The survey also found that couples where the grooms are unwelcome by the family in the first place have higher divorce rates. If a husband-to-be is met with disapproval initially, then putting things back on track in one’s marriage can be equally difficult, according to the survey. In response to the question “Has your family found your spouse to be worthy of you during your marriage,” 49.5 percent of the female participants responded negatively while that figure was 37.9 percent for the male respondents. The survey also found that in-laws tended to interfere with the marriage in many aspects. The survey also found that couples with more than two children do not separate even if they are unhappy in their marriage.  About half of those who have been divorced say they will never remarry. 

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