Man divorced in the UK, but can’t marry in Turkey

February 28, 2011, Monday/ 17:19:00

A Turkish man who divorced his English wife in the UK 22 years ago has in a clear case of bureaucracy been told he cannot remarry in Turkey. Recai Sezgin, who returned to Turkey in 2005, discovered that he was still considered legally married when he applied to the Population Directorate to remarry.

Turning to Turkish courts, Sezgin attempted to have the English court’s divorce decree recognized in Turkey. His suit, however, has been hindered by red tape. Stating the necessity to contact his ex-wife, Jane Gillespie, as a prerequisite, the family court sent a court summons to Britain. But as no response has been received, Sezgin’s case still remains outstanding.

Sezgin’s lawyer, Ahmet Tekin, said bureaucracy is the sole reason for Sezgin’s inability to divorce in Turkey. Lawyer Erol Beytaş, on the other hand, says that international summonses served through the justice and foreign ministries come with stringent procedures.

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