Socialist International cancels Mubarak’s party membership

February 04, 2011, Friday/ 17:12:00/ SELÇUK GÜLTAŞLI

The world’s umbrella organization of socialist and labor parties canceled the membership of Egypt’s ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) for its “dramatic failure to deliver to its people and to live up to its promises.”

Luis Ayala, secretary general of Socialist International (SI), sent a letter to the NDP on Jan. 31, while unrest in Egypt was brewing, saying that the widespread calls being made today by the citizens of Egypt for freedoms and rights point to the dramatic failure of the Egyptian government to deliver to its people and to the failings of the NDP to live up to its promises. “The use of violence, with scores dead and injured, is totally incompatible with the policies and principles of any social democratic party anywhere in the world,” the letter read.

The lack of developments in relation to democracy in Egypt, Ayala noted, has left us deeply troubled, notwithstanding the hopeful moments which had arisen during the ‘80s and led to the NDP becoming a member of the SI and then again in the mid- 2000s when important internal changes took place within the NDP.

Ayala said that a party in government that does not listen, that does not move and that does not immediately initiate a process of meaningful change in these circumstances cannot be a member of SI.

The NDP had been a member of the organization since 1989. “We are, as of today, terminating the membership of the NDP; however, we remain determined to cooperate with all the democrats in Egypt striving to achieve an open, democratic, inclusive and secular state,” the letter concluded. SI also terminated the membership of ousted ruling party of Tunisia on Jan. 17.

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