Critical favorite ‘Çakal’ turning into comic book

December 29, 2010, Wednesday/ 17:18:00

“Çakal” (The Jackal), the critically acclaimed new Turkish drama starring young actor İsmail Hacıoğlu in its title role, will be adapted to a comic book, the film’s producers announced in a written statement Tuesday.

The film had its theatrical release on Dec. 17 and immediately grabbed the attention of film critics, who particularly praised the lead performance of Hacıoğlu as Akın or “the jackal.” Illustrator Korkut Akaçık, who also made the film’s storyboard sketches, is currently working on transferring the story depicted in the film, namely, the quiet boy Akın turning into a “jackal,” in the upcoming comic book, whose release date has yet to be announced.

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