Bad eating habits cause disease

Bad eating habits cause disease

December 26, 2010, Sunday/ 15:18:00/ ESRA KESKİN

Dr. Ahmet Aydın explains the relationship between foods and disease in his book titled "7'den 70'e Taş Devri Diyeti" (Stone Age Diet from 7 to 70). For example, he says hypertension can be treated with dill, arugula and spinach instead of drugs.

An over-reliance on processed foods with additives has led to a decline in the consumption of fruit and fresh homemade food. This leads to many diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, paralysis, depression, hyperactivity, autism, acid reflux, ulcers, asthma, rheumatism and cancer. These are the words of Dr. Aydın, who examines the relationship between eating habits over the years and chronic disease. In his book, published by Hayy Kitap, Aydın not only explains the relationship between the two but also provides clues on which foods can help prevent disease.

Greasy foods are not the cause of obesity and metabolic syndrome; sugar is.

Aydın notes that contrary to popular opinion sugar is the cause of excessive weight gain, not greasy foods. This is because insulin is the hormone that stores fat and what increases insulin is sugar, not fat. Sugar also prevents fat from being burned, which then leads to hypoglycemia, causing chronic exhaustion, unhappiness, headaches and weakness. Falling blood sugar activates stress-producing hormones. This triggers panic attack symptoms such as palpitations, shortness of breath, fear and anxiety, dizziness, nausea, chest pains, and numbness and tingling in the hands and feet.

Hypertension cannot be treated with blood pressure reducing medicines.

The most striking assertion in the book is that hypertension can't be adequately treated with blood pressure reducing medicines, but that it can easily be controlled with a proper diet and lifestyle. Minerals like magnesium, calcium and potassium are very important in treating hypertension. People with hypertension should eat green leafy vegetables like dill, arugula, and spinach. It is also important to get plenty of vitamin D. Other foods that should be consumed on a regular basis are grape seed, turmeric, fish oil, pomegranate, garlic, olive oil, pumpkin seeds and mint.

Almost all occurrences of cancer are related to eating habits.

Dr. Aydın explains that almost all types of cancer can be linked to eating habits. Avoiding consuming too much flour, sugar and processed meat is important for preventing cancer. Vitamin C must be consumed because it prevents cancer and kills cancerous cells. Packaged foods with additives should not be consumed. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be consumed in abundance. The meat and eggs of free-range animals, garlic, onion, turmeric powder and green and black tea should be consumed. Good sleep, avoiding stress and exercising regularly are also important. Cooking pots and containers made of clay, glass or tin should be preferred instead of Teflon coated and aluminum utensils.

Gastric medications only provide temporary relief, not treatment

The book explains that acid reflux is directly linked to eating habits and that gastric medications are not a treatment. The cause of this condition is also sugar. According to Aydın, a low-sugar diet reduces reflux. Drinking water a half hour before eating and two hours after eating and then at three-hour intervals help treat reflux. Of course the consumption of flour-based and high sugar foods must be reduced as well.

Omega-3 deficiency leads to depression

According to the book, omega-3 deficiency reduces serotonin in the brain tissue leading to depression. Vitamin deficiencies are other factors that lead to depression as well. Deficiency of vitamins B12 and B6, selenium, zinc, iron and magnesium can lead to depression. People who want to avoid depression should stay away from flour and sugar and can consume fish oil, and vitamins B, C and D.

Forgetfulness caused by vitamin deficiencies

The leading causes of memory loss and forgetfulness are reactive hypoglycemia, thyroid hormone deficiency, iron deficiency and vitamin B12 and vitamin D deficiencies. Not consuming enough meat, eggs and other animal products and taking gastric acid medications can lead to forgetfulness. Those who want to prevent memory loss should consume plenty of black grapes, green tea and turmeric and exercise regularly. Solving crossword puzzles can help improve memory by increasing the reproduction of brain cells.

Allergies might be the cause of headaches

Aydın provides some interesting information about headaches in this book. He writes about a study in which people suffering from migraines were assigned a diet consisting of low allergen lamb meat and water for five days. After the fifth day, the migraine pain was gone in a large number of patients. People who are prone to migraines should avoid foods such as wheat, oranges, eggs, tea, coffee, chocolate, milk, veal, corn, mushrooms and peas.