Cihaner: Those guilty will look for a place to hide

November 10, 2010, Wednesday/ 16:12:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN
Former Erzincan Chief Public Prosecutor İlhan Cihaner, who the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) recently appointed as the Adana public prosecutor, has said this change of post has made him a victim and that he will seek redress.“Those guilty will look for a place to hide,” he said during a press conference he held at his office in Erzincan on Monday. Speaking about his appointment, Cihaner said a public prosecutor does not carry a rank but a judicial status.

“No one promoted me to a rank and so no one can take it away either. In this sense, threatening me with a reduction in rank is very wrong and ugly. Thus, this threat must be abandoned. My not having the status of chief public prosecutor in my new place of duty… The chief public prosecutor is the first among equals. The important thing is being a public prosecutor. I carry this title,” he said.

“I am a public prosecutor of this republic. I am not worried about the chair [belonging to chief public prosecutors]; however, unlawfulness is at play here. I am worried about that,” he added. When asked if he has any regrets, Cihaner said no and added that if he could relive his life, he would carry out the same investigations today as well.

Cihaner is widely known for two criminal cases against him. He was arrested in February on charges of membership in Ergenekon. He is accused of contributing to a suspected military plot to undermine the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party).

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