Democrat Party to expel former leader, yea-sayer Soylu

August 09, 2010, Monday/ 17:20:00
Former Democrat Party (DP) leader and current party member Süleyman Soylu, who recently launched a campaign for “yes” votes in the upcoming referendum on constitutional amendments to be held Sept.12, is set to be expelled from his party over the move.The DP’s İstanbul Disciplinary Board gathered over the weekend upon the order of its current leader, Hüsamettin Cindoruk, to launch the procedure for Soylu’s expulsion. DP İstanbul Provincial Chairman Tekin Enerem said the reason for Soylu’s expulsion was his acting against the party’s decision to oppose the constitutional changes.

On Sept. 12, the nation will vote on a number of constitutional changes that were approved by Parliament in May. Among other things, the reform package includes changes to the structure of the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK). Furthermore, the package repeals the Turkish Constitution’s Temporary Article 15, which gives immunity to the generals responsible for the Sept. 12, 1980 coup d’état.

Soylu reacted strongly to the dismissal decision, saying that he could not accept such a move by the administration of his party, which has been saluting the Ergenekon terrorist organization since Cindoruk took over the helm, against a person who has struggled so much for democracy in Turkey.

Ergenekon is a clandestine criminal organization accused of working to overthrow the government.

Cindoruk, known for his opposition to the Ergenekon probe, drew the ire of many when he was elected as the new DP leader in May. Cindoruk was harshly criticized after he announced his candidacy for DP leadership. Many said he should not draw the DP into his own ideological stance due to his strong support for anti-democratic initiatives.

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