Intra-party democracy

April 02, 2010, Friday/ 17:33:00
The term “intra-party democracy” brings to mind an “independent deputy” who speaks his mind, is not an automatic hand-raiser and who is accountable to the public.These are nice but meaningless words. In his book titled “France, A Study in Nationality” French writer Andre Siegfried explains the problems France experienced during the Third Republic because of the “independent deputy” concept. For example, every deputy thought he was a king and the majority needed to set up government and make laws could not be reached.This is a typical example of a “democracy that cannot manage.” “Intra-party democracy” paves the way to criticism and renewal inside the party. But on the other hand, one should not forget that “party discipline” is necessary in order for the party to be able develop a political identity, to manage the country by setting up a government and to make laws.