News reports: Ergenekon suspect Dalan traveling with fake passport

March 29, 2010, Monday/ 17:05:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN
Former İstanbul mayor and Ergenekon suspect-at-large Bedrettin Dalan has been traveling with a fake passport and was most recently seen in Belarus, news reports said yesterday.Dalan, who was abroad during the 10th wave of detentions for the trial of Ergenekon, a shadowy network nested within the state and aiming to overthrow the government through illicit methods, was named as a suspect by the prosecutors of the Ergenekon investigation during this 10th police raid conducted as part of said probe. He is the founder of the İstek Foundation, on whose land in Poyrazköy a large number of guns and a sizable amount of ammunition were found buried last year in an excavation carried out as part of the investigation into Ergenekon.

Dalan, who moved to Russia in late July of last year after the United States refused to extend his visa, was found to have traveled to Belarus from Syria 20 days ago with a fake passport. Dalan is reportedly currently staying in Minsk. He has apparently been using a fake passport since the green passport he holds has expired. When Dalan was spotted at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport late last year, accompanied by an individual identified as Dr. İlker Kayabeyoğlu, he had told reporters: “I am not a fugitive. Look, I am travelling with my green passport.” Dalan’s financial needs are being reportedly met by his accountant, who flew to Italy in August of last year after emptying the accounts of Dalan’s Yeditepe University Hospital and taking out as much as TL 5 million.

According to Ergenekon prosecutors, Dalan, currently being sought as a fugitive in the probe, was the third most important administrator of the organization. The prosecution claims evidence indicates that Dalan was also the architect of the Feb. 28, 1997 unarmed military coup, which overthrew a coalition government led by the now-defunct Welfare Party (RP).

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