Turkish entrepreneurs enter Britain without visa

August 20, 2009, Thursday/ 17:07:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN
For the first time, two Turkish citizens have entered Britain without a visa in line with the Ankara Agreement, signed in 1963, which regulates the individual enterprise and settlement rights of Turkish citizens in European Union member states through an additional protocol prepared in 1973.

The additional protocol to the Ankara Agreement allows Turkish nationals to set up and run a business or businesses in Britain. To date, applications from five Turkish citizens for work and residence permits under the Ankara Agreement have been accepted by Britain. Two of those, Bülent Selçuk and Uğur Akdoğan, who had applied to the British Consulate General in İstanbul more than a year ago, finally obtained their permits and entered Britain without a visa on Wednesday, news reports said.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled on Sept. 20 that two Turkish citizens, Mehmet Darı and Veli Tüm, must be given residence permits, though their presence in the country was deemed illegal. The court cited the agreement signed between Turkey and the then-European Community, the Turkish-EC Association Agreement, also known as the Ankara Agreement. The ECJ decision concerning the case Tüm and Darı v. Secretary of State for the Home Department makes it possible for a Turkish applicant to apply to establish a business in Britain under the provisions of the Ankara Agreement regardless of whether they are inside or outside Britain.

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