DP seeks new leader after Soylu announces resignation

April 04, 2009, Saturday/ 17:32:00/ İSA YAZAR
The Democrat Party (DP) has been searching for a new leader after its chairman, Süleyman Soylu, announced earlier this week that he would quit because the party failed to achieve its election goals.

DP members have reportedly started preparations to persuade former Prime Minister Tansu Çiller to run as a candidate for DP leader in the party's upcoming convention. The party will hold its extraordinary party meeting on April 16.

Soylu stated that he decided to quit party leadership as he was unable to fight against the supporters of a criminal terrorist organization, known as Ergenekon, whose 152 members are currently standing trial. The DP leader said he wanted to purge his party of the supporters of Ergenekon, but that they won the intra-party struggle.

DP officials currently have a few names in mind to assume the role of leadership of the party. A group of DP members have offered Çiller the chance to lead the party. Çiller, who is currently in the US, reportedly is cold to such an offer and it seems unlikely that she will accept candidacy in the party's approaching convention.

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