‘Turkey has great potential for triathlons’

‘Turkey has great potential for triathlons’

November 02, 2008, Sunday/ 11:59:00
European Triathlon Federation President Marisol Casado has stated that he was pleased with the way the Triathlon Championship was organized in Alanya last Sunday.

The Spanish president of the federation, who came to Turkey to watch the European Cup Finals at the 18th International Alanya Triathlon, told Sunday's Zaman that Turkey has great potential for triathlons.

Casado also noted that Turkey should attach greater importance to triathlons prior to the 2012 Olympic Games to be held in London. "Yes, a triathlon is a difficult branch of sports. Triathlons are an interesting branch of sports that combine swimming, cycling and running various distances and which test competitors' endurance to the limit. Yet, they are also an enjoyable, adrenalin-boosting sport. The philosophy behind a triathlon is really very different. Since it is an individual sport, success depending on how much you care about yourself. When the contest begins, who you are or what you do is not important -- you are only a number. Normal people can participate in a triathlon. We have contests designed for amateurs," he said.

Casado said the Spanish like triathlons very much and that Spanish papers allocate much space to this sport. "You can see headlines about triathlons even in football-dominated papers such as Marca and As. Of course, this is partially attributed to the fact that we have a world champion triathlete," he said.

He also noted that he was satisfied with the event in Alanya and that Alanya Mayor Hasan Sipahioğlu and Turkish Triathlon Federation President Halil Kılıçoğlu have passed the test. The municipality's promotion involving the distribution of bicycles to 20 children selected through a drawing was a smart one, he said, adding, "The children brought their elders with them in this way."

Kılıçoğlu: We are targeting the London Olympics

Kılıçoğlu noted that they are planning to be successful in the Olympics, to be held in 2012. Referring to the championship in Alanya, he explained that more than 400 triathletes from 30 countries participated. "The event created much interest in Europe. It was covered in the news bulletins of 30 countries. Triathlons in Turkey have made significant progress over the last three years. Our next target is to attend the London Olympics," he said. 

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