Ex-army officer involved in international drug trafficking

August 16, 2007, Thursday/ 19:06:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN
A former army officer who was taken into custody and jailed two months ago by an İstanbul court on charges of illegally harboring hand grenades and other explosives in a house in İstanbul has been found to have links to drug trafficking in Germany. Ret. Capt. Muzaffer Tekin has apparent links to crime gangs, some of which involve other individuals connected to the military.

Tekin was also arrested in association with the Council of State shooting in 2006 that left a senior judge killed. The latest allegation against Tekin, brought against him by the Sabah daily, is that he used the Doğuş Factoring Company, which he is a partner of, to orchestrate operations on a drug route leading to Germany.

The report said the German police found that Tekin and his partners Ayhan Parlak and Ertuğrul Yılmaz have been using Doğuş to launder narcotics money in a narcotics operation launched in 2003. Quoting a report sent by Germany’s Niedersachsen state Police Department to the Hanover Police Narcotic Department, Sabah said Tekin, Yılmaz and Parlak, referred to as “drug dealers and smugglers of Turkish origin” in the document, have been involved in many drug operations in Germany. The German police report also claimed that Tekin was the head of the gang’s drug operations.

Ertuğrul Yılmaz’s activities were monitored by German authorities for two-and-a-half months before he was killed in Germany on April 23, 2000. A lawyer for the Doğuş Factoring Company, Alparslan Arslan, was the hit man in the Council of State shooting that took place in May of last year.

Tekin and Parlak were both taken into custody during the investigation into the shooting.

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