Rocker Barış Akarsu dies from car accident injuries

Rocker Barış Akarsu dies from car accident injuries

Barış Akarsu's fans, who waited outside the hospital for days, burst into tears upon learning of his death.

July 06, 2007, Friday/ 21:02:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN
Barış Akarsu, a young rock musician and film artist, died on Wednesday night after being severely injured in a traffic accident in Bodrum. He had been in intensive care for five days and was being kept alive with the help of a respirator. The pronouncement of death made by Dr. Abdullah Servet, one of the doctors from the private Bodrum Hospital, shocked his family, friends and the crowds who had gathered outside the hospital to pray. Among those gathered there was a child with leukemia whom Akarsu had visited one day before the accident.

Akarsu was returning from a shoot for the television serial "Yalancı Yarim," a TV show that made him a star, and was going to a birthday party arranged for him in the five-star Kervansaray Hotel when he collided with a truck driven by Halil İbrahim Çetin. The accident took place in the Göltürkü district between Bodrum and Torba on June 30, around 10 p.m. Friends Zeynep Koçak, 20, and Nalan Kahraman, 37, who were in the automobile, died at the scene. Akarsu was taken to the private Bodrum Hospital, where he underwent an operation for an edema in his brain. The doctors had little hope for his survival due to the severity of his injuries. "Akarsu's heart was not working when he was brought to the hospital and his brain was damaged since it lacked oxygen for a long time," the doctors said.

The accident was reportedly caused when Akarsu swerved in front of the truck, resulting in a collision that badly damaged Akarsu's automobile.

An investigation into the source of photos that were taken of Akarsu when he was under intensive care and put on the Internet has been launched. The room where Akarsu stayed in the hospital during treatment has been dusted for fingerprints. .

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