Retired generals attend London ADD conference

May 29, 2007, Tuesday/ 19:35:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN
Speaking at a conference in London, former Secretary-General of the National Security Council (MGK) retired Gen.Tuncer Kılınç said that Turkey needed to redefine its targets in order to form strategic partnerships in the 21st century. Kılınç also asserted that for Turkey to rid itself of the hegemony and exploitation of the West, it needed to leave NATO.

Kemalist Thought Association (ADD) President Şener Eruygur and retired Gen. Kılınç were speaking at a conference titled “Claiming Our Republic,” held by the England chapter of the ADD.

Kılıç said that Turkey had been the US’s neighbor for the last four years because of the Iraq war and warned that “a Kurdistan state was being established in the context of new maps.” The real target is to enlarge that state against Turkey and other neighboring countries, Kılınç asserted. He added that the ultimate target was to keep the oil and natural gas resources of the Middle East under control. He further noted that the security perceptions of the US and European countries were differentiating in light of these developments and that the former USSR countries that are now independent were seeking to meet their security and economic needs in the EU, NATO and the US. Therefore, he added, further growth of Turkey, which possesses a very important geopolitical and geo-strategic position, is undesirable.

Eruygur said the anti-republicans were working in a very organized way to damage the values of the republic. He also said the new mergers of political parties -- parties whose job is to protect the republic -- had some points lacking. Eruygur noted, “‘We have our army protecting us’ is not an accurate way of thinking. We should take responsibility like Atatürk, as was done for the April 14 republic rally.”

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