Sedat Peker sentenced to 14 years of jail

February 01, 2007, Thursday/ 00:00:00
Sedat Peker, a well-known gang leader, was tried along with other 109 culprits arrested under the umbrella of the “Butterfly Operation” and was sentenced to 14 years and 5 months of imprisonment.He was convicted for “founding and managing an armed gang, attempting usurpation, depriving individuals of their freedom and committing forgery on legal documents.” His trial began toward the end of 2004.

58 out of the 109 accused, among whom are Peker’s brothers Atilla and Vedat Peker, their lawyers Hakkı Kurtuluş, Şirin Berk, Çağatay Özdemir, his kinsman and former president of Sivasspor Football Club Mecnun Otyakmaz, were sentenced to between 5 months and 9 years and 4 months and were fined various amounts for being gang members, attempting usurpation, depriving of freedom, forgery on legal documents, aiding and abetting a gang, carrying unlicensed guns, wounding, using weapons in the public in a way that creates tension and panic. The allegations against 36 of them were dismissed and they were acquitted. The action at the Ninth High Criminal Court of Istanbul Tuesday was attended by 43 of the culprits, including Sedat Peker, his brothers, Hakkı Kurtuluş, Mecnun Otyakmaz and Şirin Berk. The Presiding Judge Nurettin Ak asked the culprits for their final statements.

Sedat Peker said that “the decision is up to the court,” whereas his brother Atilla Peker claimed “We’ve been framed,” yet he also maintained that the decision was up to the court. The culprits demanded acquittal during their final statements and the court committee adjourned the trial for five hours and then announced the verdicts.

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