Woman refused police protection, killed by husband

Woman refused police protection, killed by husband

A funeral ceremony for Hülya Tazegül, who was killed by a bullet from her husband’s gun, was held at the Kumburgaz Central Mosque on May 19.

May 20, 2011, Friday/ 18:06:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

A woman was murdered by her husband on Thursday despite several attempts to seek police protection. Turgay Tazegül shot Hülya Tazegül (42) in the head and stomach late Thursday as she was leaving her workplace for home, killing her instantly.

Hülya Tazegül, a victim of constant domestic violence, filed for divorce against her husband and moved out of their home with her son Onur (16) two years ago.

Since her husband Turgay Tazegül was reportedly an alcoholic and didn’t work, Hülya was forced to support the family

The husband didn’t did not leave them alone. On two separate occasions in 2010, he came to her house and severely beat his wife and son. Hülya reported these incidents to the police and showed them threatening messages he’d sent. She was not given protection by the state.

In March Tazegül broke into Hülya’s home, smashing the door with a sledgehammer. He then assaulted the woman’s sister, who happened to be inside at the time, and then set the natural gas pipe near the door on fire. The woman reported the incident to police, but after an interrogation, Turgay was released.

Hearing he’d been released, the estranged wife allegedly called the Büyükçekmece Police Department and again asked for protection, which was not forthcoming.

Violence against women is an issue of public concern in Turkey. In a recent landmark case the ex-husband of Ayşe Paşalı was convicted of premeditated murder in accordance with Article 82 of the Turkish Penal Code (TCK), a symbolic case of domestic violence in Turkey.

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