Turkish schools boost mutual relations between Kosovo, Turkey

Turkish schools boost mutual relations between Kosovo, Turkey

A Kosovar delegation visited Mersin Mayor Hüseyin Aksoy (L).

May 23, 2010, Sunday/ 11:58:00/ HASAN KÜÇÜK
Turkish schools, which operate around the world, have contributed to the improvement of relations between Kosovo and Turkey, Kosovo’s deputy agriculture minister, Fikrin Damka, said on Friday.Along with Damka, a delegation with the participation of Müfera Şinik, one of the deputy speakers of Kosovo’s Parliament, and Şarık Cibo, president of the Prizren Businessmen and Craftsmen’s Association (ESNAF), visited the Mediterranean Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association (ASİAD) in the southern province of Mersin on Friday.

Speaking during the visit, damka noted that students studying at Turkish schools in Kosovo will make a contribution to the development of Kosovo in the future. Stating that the number of Turkish schools will be increased in the coming months, Damka said his country and Turkey have a good relationship; however, Turkish schools will foster better relations between the two countries. “Turkish schools promote love, peace and reconciliation throughout the world as well as in Kosovo,” stated Damka.

In addition, Damka invited Turkish businessmen to invest in Kosovo. “As the Kosovo government, we are ready to give necessary support to Turks wanting to invest [in the country]. We are planning on hosting a delegation from Turkey in Kosovo soon to brainstorm on Turkey and Kosovo,” Damka said. Damka also pointed out that Turkey’s agriculture industry is excellent and that Kosovo always wants to exchange opinions with Turkey on agriculture.

Gökhan Sadıkoğlu, the president of ASİAD, noted that they were pleased to host Damka and the delegation, adding that they will do what is necessary for the benefit of Turkey’s future.

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