Turkish Olympiads host all colors of Turkey

Turkish Olympiads 
   host all colors of Turkey

The final ceremony of the International Turkish Language Olympiads showed that the event has become an international brand.

June 12, 2010, Saturday/ 16:45:00
As part of the final ceremony for this year’s International Turkish Language Olympiads, many prominent figures from the business, policy, art, media and sports worlds came together on Wednesday and spoke with one voice, showing that the International Turkish Language Olympiads has become an international brand introducing Turkey, the Turkish language and its culture to the world.“The International Turkish Language Olympiads is a big and multi-directional promotion of Turkey. It is a fact that Turkish schools established throughout the world are the main reason that foreign students who have taken place at the International Turkish Language Olympiads are successful. I am hopeful for the future because this international event will revitalize Turkey,” said Yusuf Ziya Cömert, the editor-in-chief of Yeni Şafak daily, who attended the final ceremony held at İstanbul’s Sinan Erdem Sports Hall on Wednesday.

Speaking at the event, Habertürk daily Editor-in-Chief Fatih Altaylı noted that the International Turkish Language Olympiads is a big organization and it is not possible not to be fascinated by it. “I heard that Turkey is going to host foreign students from 160 countries next year, and that this year it received students from 120 countries. I congratulate everybody who has contributed to this event,” said Altaylı.

The International Turkish Language Olympiads, an annual contest currently in its eighth year, ended on a high note as the country embraced the 750 participants from 120 countries with open arms during a star-studded closing ceremony.

“I enjoyed seeing foreign students coming to Turkey as part of the event speaking Turkish, singing songs and dancing folk dances belonging to our culture. I believe that this event is to our benefit, and we will see this benefit in the forthcoming years,” Vatan daily writer Can Ataklı pointed out.

Emel Sayın, a singer, said that she watched the Turkish Olympiads on television in years past but realized how great an event it was by taking part in this year’s event. Stating that she was fascinated by the event, Sayın noted that the foreign students who participated in the Turkish Olympiads will explain to people they encounter that Turkey and the Turkish people side with peace.

International Turkish Language Olympiads organizing committee Chairman Mehmet Sağlam noted that this year’s event has finished, but that they will be waiting for the foreign students to come to Turkey from across the world with open hearts and souls.

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