Turkey ranks third in number of blue-flagged beaches

June 18, 2008, Wednesday/ 18:33:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN WITH WIRES
The number of beaches in Turkey that meet the required ecological standards for blue flag certification rose to 258 this year.

With this increase, Turkey now ranks third in the overall blue flag standings after Spain and Greece. According to information provided by the Turkish Environmental Training and Education Foundation (TÜRÇEV), founded in 1993 to start a blue flag program in Turkey, the blue flag is an international symbol of clean sea water at beaches and environmental management that pays particular attention to environmental training and awareness. In Turkey, where just 12 beaches and nine marinas were rewarded with this title in 1994, 258 beaches and 13 marinas received the title this year. Turkey now follows only Spain, with 455 flags, and Greece, with 430 flags. Last year Turkey took fourth place, with France in the third spot.

Within Turkey, Antalya ranks first with 143 blue-flagged beaches, followed by Muğla with 57, İzmir with 21, Aydın with 16, Balıkesir with 12 and Mersin with six. Çanakkale, Tekirdağ and Yalova each have one blue-flagged beach. Muğla hosts seven blue-flagged marinas, followed by Antalya and Istanbul with two each and Balıkesir and Aydın with one each.  Throughout the world, 2,633 beaches and 620 marinas were rewarded with blue flag recognition.

Top list of blue-flagged beaches 

Countries - Beaches

Spain - 455   

Greece - 430   

Turkey - 258   

France - 226   

Denmark - 216   

Italy - 215   

Portugal - 193   

Croatia - 125   

United Kingdom - 90

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