Training professional hairdressers for cruise ships

November 20, 2011, Sunday/ 14:35:00

Job seekers who are interested in the beauty industry can now receive professional training through the Education Ministry-approved MC Academy, a private educational institution that offers training for aspiring hairstylists, nail stylists and aestheticians, and now even guarantees work on international cruise ships for its students, as part of a joint project with Turkey’s Employment Organization (İŞKUR).

The academy trains hairdressing experts for the London-based Steiner Corporation, which manages spa services aboard 160 cruise ships.

MC Academy, the first private vocational school of its kind in Turkey, offers training in areas such as hairdressing, manicure, pedicure and makeup. After completing the course successfully, those students who want to work on international cruise ships are also offered English and German classes. They may start working in their chosen field after reaching a minimal understanding of the languages.

Saying there was a high demand for Turkish hairdressers on international cruise ships, Steiner Recruitment Manager of Europe Ingrid Borst said: “Turkish personnel are more successful and experienced than our personnel from other countries. Therefore, we wanted to come to Turkey and select our personnel here.”

Professional hairdressers who have not been trained at the academy but want to work on ships are also eligible to start work after receiving training in health, security, time management and customer care from the academy, provided that they can already speak a foreign language at the required level.

At the end of the course, the academy’s students receive a certificate from the Ministry of Education. The academy also offers financial support for some of its students as part of an agreement with İŞKUR. Apart from Turkish students, MC Academy offers training opportunities for students from Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Palestine and Iran. MC Academy courses are available in the Osmanbey, Gaziosmanpaşa and Maltepe districts of İstanbul.

Noting that 3,500 students have graduated from the academy in the past four years, MC Academy executive board chairman Mustafa Koç stated: “Our courses have been designed to make sure our graduates succeed in the beauty industry. We focus on practice as well as theoretical education in our academy, and we teach advanced techniques in each branch. Our students will have acquired enough experience and knowledge to start their own hairdressing businesses at the end of our six-month course.”

Hairdressers and beauty experts who are over 20 and can speak either English or German can apply to work on international cruise ships, and no degree is necessary. The applicants chosen start work after signing a nine-month contract with the Steiner Corporation. They have a two-month holiday after their nine months are up, and the corporation signs another nine-month-contract if it is pleased with a worker’s performance.

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