Top court rules in favor of fired lawyers

July 13, 2012, Friday/ 16:19:00/ SUDE ATILGAN

The Supreme Court of Appeals has ruled in favor of lawyers who claimed to have been fired by the İstanbul Bar Association because they had not supported the current administration in the association's 2010 elections and ruled in favor of their reinstatement.

The employment of lawyers Levent Polat, Özgür Cevat Altuntaş, Şevki Şimşek and Emre Karagöz was terminated by the bar association in December 2010 by bar President Ümit Kocasakal on the grounds that there was over-employment at the association.

The lawyers filed a lawsuit for reinstatement and compensation with the İstanbul 11th Labor Court, claiming that the bar association did not have sufficient grounds to dismiss them.

That court decided in the lawyers' favor in September 2011, ruling for their re-employment by the bar as well as compensation for each totaling five times their salary.

The İstanbul Bar Association administration challenged the İstanbul 11th Labor Court's ruling at the Supreme Court of Appeals. In its June 21 ruling, the top court ruled that the bar association's decision to dismiss the lawyers was contrary to the law and upheld the ruling of the lower court.

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