TİKAD presents suggestions for new constitution

December 23, 2011, Friday/ 17:01:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

As various groups in Turkish civil society work toward making suggestions to the government in order to make a new and more democratic constitution, the Turkish Businesswomen's Association (TİKAD) on Friday presented its report to Speaker of Parliament Cemil Çiçek in Ankara.

Nilüfer Bulut, chairman of the board of directors of TİKAD, said their priorities are the protection of women's rights and protection of women against violence, as well as protection of the environment and all creatures for a livable future.

“Protecting the environment with laws is of the utmost importance since we need to ensure a livable world for future generations. Along with human rights, the rights of animals, with whom we share the world, should be constitutionally guaranteed,” she said.

TİKAD's report suggests that the current constitution's main character regarding the basic principles of the republic should be kept intact and the best state structure for Turkey is a unitary structure.

The report of TİKAD also stresses the need to increase women's participation in all walks of life including economy, politics and education.

In order to prevent violence against women, TİKAD suggests that current laws should be enforced and that society's and the state's view of women should be changed in a positive way.

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