Three-year-old boy dies after falling into manhole in southern Adana

December 06, 2010, Monday/ 17:08:00/ ZİYA İPEK

A 3-year-old boy, Süleyman Temizel, lost his life after falling into a manhole in the Yumurtalık district of the southern province of Adana yesterday.

The child, who was playing with his friends in the Aydın neighborhood in the town of Kaldırım, disappeared suddenly. Looking for her son, his mother Yasemin found one of Süleyman’s shoes in front of a manhole in a garden. When she notified the family members about the incident, the boy’s uncle Ünal went down into the sewer and retrieved the boy’s dead body from two meters below ground. Father Temizel blamed Kaldırım Mayor Refik Şen for the incident. The tearful father said: “My son died after falling into a manhole, which was opened randomly. The ones who paved the way for this incident should account for their negligence.” Mayor Şen said he was deeply sorry for the death of little Süleyman, while rejecting the accusations directed to him by the Temizel family. He explained that the manhole where animal manure was dumped was made deeper as demanded by the public because they were disturbed by the bad smell. The cases of children who lose their lives after falling into manholes are very common in Turkey where city infrastructure systems are generally poor. 

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