Third Common Sense meeting slated for Bursa today

July 19, 2008, Saturday/ 21:13:00/ FATİH KARAKILIÇ
The Common Sense movement, a platform bringing together civil society organizations, intellectuals, journalists and academics from various segments of society, will hold its third meeting today in the northwestern province of Bursa.Organizers of the third meeting of the Common Sense movement, which is composed of over 400 NGOs protesting any kind of intervention in democracy, expect over 100,000 people to attend the meeting, to begin at 5 p.m. in Bursa’s Şehreküstü Square. Salim Uslu, the president of one of the organizing NGOs, the Confederation of Turkish Real Trade Unions (Hak-İş), said, recent events including murders whose perpetrators are still unknown, coup diaries, party closure cases and interventions in the parliamentary process has led the public to take action. Noting that the public arranges the meetings, Uslu added: “Some are committing murders on behalf of the state under some organizations. There are coup diaries around whose reality is proven. The public does not want to watch these [developments] from a distance; they want to take action.”

Civil Servants’ Trade Union (Memur-Sen) President Ahmet Gündoğdu said Common Sense receives support from everyone pro-democracy who does not want coups in Turkey, adding: “Some have tried to show the public its place once a decade, but the public swallowed this. We will no longer not accept that, as NGOs. All we want a civilian constitution and a more liberal democracy to be established in our country.”

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