Teenager kills mother by slitting her throat

October 12, 2011, Wednesday/ 15:48:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

A 17 year old on Tuesday cut his mother's throat in Ankara purportedly after he heard rumors that his mother was romantically involved with her boss.

Ö.G., the attacker, said he was upset about his mother's relationship.

Gülbeyaz Işık, 35, divorced her husband, Hulusi G., five months ago and was living in a flat in Ankara's Keçiören district alone. Her son, Ö.G., was a boarding student in a Quran course in the Kızılcahamam district, about 80 kilometers north of Ankara. Işık had started work in a restaurant in the Kızılay district as a janitor.

Ö.G.'s father reportedly told him that his mother was involved with her new boss. Upon learning this, Ö.G. came to his mother's flat and asked her to give him her boss's address, but her mother refused to do so, leading Ö.G. to lose control. The boy then took a knife from the kitchen and cut his mother's throat.

After the murder, the boy called his father, who arrived at the scene and informed the police about the incident. The police took Ö.G. to a police station and the body of the mother to the hospital for an autopsy. Suspecting that his father might have solicited Ö.G. to murder his mother, the police have begun a comprehensive investigation into the incident.

Meanwhile, with the recent increase in violence against women in Turkey, the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has prepared a guide for abused women on how to protect themselves from violent spouses. The guide, titled “Dayağa dayanma klavuzu” (A Guide to Withstanding Beatings), tells women how they can protect themselves against potentially fatal attacks from their husbands. It includes advice telling women not to go into the kitchen during a fight because there are knives there and to protect their heads while being beaten.

Some have criticized this guide, saying it legitimizes violence against women.

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