Students collect used paper to save trees

March 25, 2008, Tuesday/ 19:07:00/ TUNCER ÇETİNKAYA
A private primary school in İstanbul is raising environmental awareness among its students with a recycling project.
The private Sevgi Çiçeği Anafen Primary School in İstanbul's Ümraniye district has launched a paper-recycling project to raise the environmental awareness of its students. The program seeks to teach students and parents the importance of manufacturing paper from used paper instead of from wood.

Schoolmaster Tarık Türker noted that they have set up paper collection squads consisting of teachers, students and parents. He added that they have collected more than five tons of paper in just three months. "In this way, they have prevented the cutting down of 100 trees or the wasting of 10,550 liters of fuel oil, 950 liters of gasoline or 21,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electric power. Think about how much Turkey could benefit if similar campaigns were launched by all the schools and businesses in the country," he said.

Türker explained that the school administration has placed waste paper recycling boxes in every classroom and in various spots throughout the school. "Our students take the used paper they collect at home, in their apartment blocks and at workplaces to school, and the classroom that manages to collect the most paper is rewarded. We deliver the collected paper to municipal officials. We are planning to run this project for two years," he noted. Students are also shown documentaries about how paper is produced, he said, adding that the project is also helping to raise environmental awareness.

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