Shooting victim’s father: We complained but no one cared

February 24, 2012, Friday/ 15:50:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

The father of one of the girls who were killed by a man who opened fire last Wednesday on a bus of high school students said he sought the help of officials many times but received no response.

Sinan Dursun, 25, opened fire with a pump rifle on a school bus in the Kadirli district of Osmaniye province, killing two high school students, Fatmanur Gedik and Fatmagül Yalçın, and injuring a third, Rümeysa Demirel. 

Dursun, who fled the scene following Wednesday's shooting, allegedly attacked the bus because Gedik did not return the feelings he had for her. Turkish media outlets reported Dursun's attack as motivated by “unrequited love.”

Police found Dursun's body on Thursday outside the school the students attended. According to police, he had committed suicide.

Gedik's father, Ergün Gedik, told the Cihan news agency that his family had complained about Dursun to the authorities many times but that no action was taken.

Gülay Gedik, during the funeral for her daughter, reaffirmed her husband's statement, saying, “No one took any precautions after we complained.” She claimed she repeatedly filed complaints over a course of 20 days. “Why didn't the prosecutor offer my daughter protection?” Gedik asked.

In a separate incident, a special police force recently trained on how to handle violence against women extended protection to a female prostitute along the Maltepe seashore.

The police and Family and Social Policy Ministry are working together to increase protection for women threatened by abuse and to curb violence against women. One such initiative was the recent establishment of a 100-member police force trained solely to deal with cases of gender-based violence in İstanbul.

The special police force decided to grant prostitute G.Y.'s request for police protection in the midst of a “territory” fight among other prostitutes in the area. She also told police she had received death threats from three men, A.B., S.Ö. and B.D., and their friends.

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