Report: 34 percent of men think violence is sometimes necessary

April 27, 2012, Friday/ 18:50:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

A study on male and female perspectives of gender-based violence released on Thursday found 34.1 percent of male respondents think violence against women is necessary at times.

The Happy Children Association shared the findings of its “National Violence Against Women Study” at an international symposium on violence against women and children in Ankara on Thursday. The association had conducted face-to-face interviews with 500 men and 500 women from each of the provinces of Adana, Ankara, İstanbul, İzmir, Erzurum, Trabzon and Malatya.

Kırıkkale University Women's Issues and Research Center director Dr. Dolunay Şenol, who was personally involved in the data collection, said the report juxtaposes the different perspectives of men and women in Turkey on the pressing issue of gender-based violence.

In response to the question "Who has the right to hit a woman?" 89.5 percent of female correspondents answer, “No one.” While 14.9 percent of women say violence is sometimes necessary, the same figure for their male counterparts is 34.1 percent.

The study found that 28.8 percent of female respondents have suffered from gender-based violence. Most women who have experienced violence have been abused by their husbands (50.1 percent), followed by their fathers (27.1 percent).

Approximately one of every three women says she has experienced violence for “economic reasons.” The next most common “reason” why men abuse their wives is because they “talk back.”

According to the report, only one in five women who have suffered from gender-based violence has sought help. The most common reasons for not seeking help are out of concern for disbanding the family and fear that others would find out.

Parliamentary Speaker Cemil Çiçek, in light of this week's brotherhood-themed week to celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad, called on Turkey's Religious Affairs Directorate to weave the theme of violence against women into the important Islamic holiday in the future.

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