Pro-freedom judges and prosecutors needed

August 07, 2011, Sunday/ 13:01:00

Professor Adnan Sözüer, dean of the Istanbul University law school has emphasized that the most significant problem in Turkey’s judicial system is the shortage of judges and prosecutors, noting that this gap should be addressed by recruiting pro-freedom judges and prosecutors.

 Sözüer asserts, “There are always problems in implementing laws, but I believe the most pressing problem is lack of qualified staff,” suggesting: “What needs to be changed is the training, internship and examination process. Dramatic changes must be made in various fields, including education in law schools and the examinations taken before starting to practice.”

Recalling that compared to European countries, judges and prosecutors start practicing law at an earlier age in Turkey, Sözüer notes that lawyers should only be allowed to practice after maturing. Emphasizing that the changes made to the laws will remain ineffective unless the problem with personnel is resolved. Sözüer went on to say: “Our judges and prosecutors should first acquire extensive experience in the practice of law before being officially appointed. This should include lawyers as well. After this, we have to deal with the shortage of qualified lawyers in the system. We cannot possibly resolve the systemic problem without addressing this major issue. We are comparing the laws in Turkey to the laws in Europe. The laws are no worse than European laws. We have the same laws. But they do not have the same problems we do. This means that the problem is caused by how they are implemented rather than the laws themselves.”

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