Police raid Turkey’s procurement authority, detain 22

February 14, 2012, Tuesday/ 09:35:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

Ankara police raided the offices of the Public Procurement Authority (KİK) on Monday where they detained 22 people on charges of tender rigging.

Teams from the Ankara Police Department’s Anti-smuggling and Organized Crime Bureau searched the KİK offices in Ankara early on Monday, detaining 22 people.

The officers who searched the KİK officials’ offices and computers during the raid also seized some 60 tender documents.

According to police sources, KİK employees are suspected of having helped several companies win public tenders by issuing reports that favored them. The detained officials are said to have rigged some 40 public tenders and the examination of a further 20 tender documents continues.

Among the detainees are 20 well-known businessmen and three KİK officials, including former KİK Vice President Ali Kaya and two KİK officials in charge of preparing reports on companies before tenders begin, Osman T. and Şenol V. The police have started to examine the financial assets of the detained businessmen and KİK officials. One businessman, Ferit R., allegedly has ties with a senior executive from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party). The police confirmed that some businessmen were not detained because they are currently abroad. KİK officials are suspected of manipulating the regulation of public tenders in favor of businessmen in return for large sums of money. It is also claimed that KİK officials were allowing some companies banned from bidding in tenders to join them after paying a bribe. A police search of the home of one of the KİK officials detained in the raid, Osman T., yielded a large sum of money. The police found $46,000, 23,000 euros and TL 25,350 while seizing Osman T.’s personal computer.

The Ankara Specially Authorized Prosecutor’s Office examining the financial assets of Kaya found they amounted to as much as TL 100 million.

According to a KİK statement on the issue, the institution is closely monitoring the developments.

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