PM: İmam-hatip graduates snubbed many years

December 06, 2010, Monday/ 17:41:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said graduates of religious imam-hatip schools had faced discrimination and humiliation for long years, during comments at the opening ceremony of the sixth congress of the Association of İmam-Hatip Graduates (ÖNDER) on Sunday.

Erdoğan, who himself is also an imam-hatip graduate, said he has always been proud of attending an imam-hatip school and sending his children to them. “I will carry the pride of being an imam-hatip graduate till I breathe my last breath,” he noted. According to Erdoğan, some university teachers had snubbed graduates of imam-hatip schools for long years. “They called us ‘dead washers’ and ‘villagers.’ They said we would never become doctors, governors or lawyers. They said we would not be able to become even the head of neighborhood. But thank God, we trusted our nation and country. Dismay was not able to reach us,” he stated.

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