PKK plans assassinations after elections, militant confesses

May 25, 2011, Wednesday/ 15:57:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

The terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) has prepared a long list of assassinations and attacks to create chaos and agitation in the post-election period and plans to kill writers, including Emre Uslu and Önder Aytaç, according to the police testimony of a PKK militant captured in İstanbul.

The İstanbul Police Counterterrorism Unit on May 17 detained a militant, identified only by his initials, R.K., as part of an ongoing investigation into planned PKK attacks. In his interrogation, R.K. said he would like to benefit from Turkey's Active Repentance Law, which offers a partial amnesty for individuals on trial for terrorism crimes if they agree to cooperate with the police and provide information about the organization.


According to his testimony, R.K. was trained at a PKK camp in Kandil, a mountain range in northern Iraq where the terrorist group is currently based. The suspect said the PKK made a point to make use of militants who have no previous criminal record in assassinations or other attacks in urban areas in order to avoid the possibility of being discovered by the police during ID checks.


 According to police officials, R.K. also said during his testimony that on March 8, acting under orders from PKK leaders, he moved to İstanbul and started living with his family. After a while, he returned to northern Iraq via the Habur border gate, where he met with a terrorist code-named Rezzan, who assigned him to be a member of a three-person self-defense unit, the name given to groups of two or three by the PKK.


The militant told the police that his unit was assigned the task of killing journalists Aytaç and Uslu, whom the PKK accuses of having caused the start of the case of the Kurdish Communities Union (KCK), in which more than a hundred people, including Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) mayors, have been jailed pending trial. Others the PKK planned to assassinate were Batman Deputy Police Chief Samih Teymur and Police Chief Fatih Balcı, who serves in the Batman Police Department's training unit.


The group was planning to carry out attacks on these people after June 15. R.K. said he was given $300 by the PKK to gather intelligence about the individuals the group was planning to kill.


Uslu in an article published on April 27 had correctly guessed the PKK was planning attacks in the Black Sea region, a few days ahead of a PKK attack on the prime minister's convoy in Kastamonu on May 4.

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