Özal’s death should also be investigated, says Ahmet Özal

September 30, 2010, Thursday/ 17:48:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN
Ahmet Özal, the son of Turkey’s eighth president, Turgut Özal, has stated that his father’s death also needs to be investigated, after a prosecutor reopened a case on a failed assassination attempt on the former’s president life. On Tuesday Özal testified to prosecutor investigating a failed assassination on his father’s life in 1988, after he told a newspaper that a general and other people whose names he knew were behind the plot to kill his father.

Speaking to the television program Cosmic Room on the same day in the evening, he reiterated his earlier remarks that the year 1993 is key to understanding Turkey’s deep state -- clandestine groups and individuals clustered within the state carrying out behind-the-scenes operations often without official orders or the formal knowledge of the institution they belong to. Özal said the individuals who attempted to kill his father in 1988 did not give up in 1993. He also said if there ever is going be a parliamentary investigation committee to research the 1988 attempt, they should also investigate his suspicious death in 1993, which was reported to be due to a heart condition. Özal said his father was killed because he had resolved to find a peaceful and democratic solution to the Kurdish question. He said deep state elements, which were said to be Ergenekon by some and JİTEM by others, worked hard to destroy peace in Turkey in 1993, a year filled with politically motivated assassinations and suspicious deaths of important public, military and political figures.

He claimed that the car that took his father to the hospital took an unnecessary detour and wasted half an hour. He also said he was not taken in an ambulance but in a car because the doctor and the ambulance of the Çankaya presidential palace were suspiciously unavailable that day. “These things have to be investigated,” he said.

Özal also said his father recorded his life on cassettes. He said these tapes will be released within three to four months. “You will be very surprised,” he said, adding that these tapes include information on the failed assassination attempt.

He said his father’s aide, Ahmet Selçuk, and the then-general manager of Emlak Bank, Bülent Şemiler, investigated the incident after the assassination attempt, and knew details of the plot and who was behind it really well. Özal also claimed that there were supporters of the plot in Turgut Özal’s Motherland Party (ANAP) and implied that Deputy Prime Minister Cemil Çiçek also appeared to be implicated.

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