New constitution new topic for Abant Platform

April 29, 2011, Friday/ 17:41:00/ FATİH VURAL

Civil society representatives, politicians and experts are discussing what a new constitution for Turkey should look like, at the 23rd meeting of the Abant Platform, which regularly organizes roundtable and panel discussions on issues crucial to Turkey.

The discussion started on Friday and will continue until Sunday evening. Participants will be discussing what the new constitution should be like as well as by what means it should be prepared.

Opening speeches were delivered by State Minister Egemen Bağış, who is also Turkey’s EU chief negotiator, Ergun Özbudun, a constitutional law professor at Başkent University and Abant Platform Term President Levent Köker. The first session was on the fundamental principles and philosophy of drafting a new constitution.

Professors Atilla Yayla, Murat Belge and associate professor Osman Can, the former rapporteur of the Constitutional Court, will join the discussion. Others including Fuat Keyman, and Cafer Solgun will have a session on achieving a wide consensus on the constitution.

Participants will also discuss the possibility of Turkey’s transition to a presidential system, which has become a heated debate in recent months. This session will be moderated by Mehmet Altan and chaired by Mümtazer Türköne.

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