Muslims to celebrate Regaip Kandili today

June 17, 2010, Thursday/ 17:05:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN
Muslims throughout Turkey will celebrate Regaip Kandili today, marking the beginning of three holy months in the Islamic Hijri calendar.Regaip Kandili, or Laylat al-Ragha’ib in Arabic, is a holy night in Islam commemorating the conception of the Prophet Muhammad. As Muslim holidays begin the night before, Regaib Kandili is celebrated on the Thursday night preceding the first Friday in the month of Rajab. Issuing a message in connection with Regaip Kandili, Directorate of Religious Affairs (DİB) President Ali Bardakoğlu said Regaib Kandili heralds the arrival of the three holy months, which are defined as a period of mercy and benediction. Recommending that believers improve their life and commitment to God on Regaib Kandili, Bardakoğlu said, “When we make use of these holy nights through good behavior and we become aware of our wrongdoings, these days are spiritually beneficial for us.”

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